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The Best MP7 Skins in 2024

The Best MP7 Skins in 2024

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If the team in Counter-Strike 2 doesn’t have enough money for a full round, it can buy a submachine gun. The benefit of this type of weapon is the $600 that the gamer gets for eliminating an opponent. Of all the available options for both teams, the most effective is the MP7. For only $1,500 the player gets a great weapon that can be effective at both short and long range.

MP7 skins will make the submachine gun more attractive with their unique designs. With each operation and game update, hundreds of creators add their skin variants to different types of weapons. The cost of a skin for the MP7 is much lower than one for the M4A1 or AK-47. Therefore, for just a few dozen dollars a user can get a bright and positive weapon.

Buying and selling all MP7 skins can happen on the Steam trading platform. You need to log in to your account, select one of the items and specify the value. If there is a user interested in your offer, they pay for the purchase and the money is transferred to your account. It can then be spent on buying new skins or games. If one wants to make a real profit, then you need to use third-party sites that allow you to withdraw money to your card, e-wallet or crypto wallet. On these sites you’ll easily be able to find the best Glock 18 skins, which are subsequently used on pistol rounds.

A list of the Best Skins for the MP7

In 2023, there are a large number of designs for this submachine gun available. There are options for beginners as well as for players with a significant budget. Some of the best MP7 skins include:

Akoben. Visually, this design is similar to the battle paint used by ancient civilizations, such as the Incas or Aztecs. Diagonal blue lines are visible on the yellow surface. A quite bright and simple piece costing only $0.05.

MP7 | Fade

MP7 Fade Skin
MP7 Fade a very authentic and unique skin with a colorful gradient. It looks progressive and suits any location, especially those where the action takes place in an urban area (Overpass, Vertigo).

MP7 | Urban Hazard

MP7 Urban Hazard Skin
Players tend to have two types of attitudes toward this item. Either they really like it, or find it too discreet. The main part is painted gray with circles of black, white and dark gray. Meanwhile, the trigger, receiver and some other elements are painted orange. MP7 Urban Hazard priced at $0.06.

MP7 | Cirrus

MP7 Cirrus Skin
Some MP7 skins CS2 use a science fiction theme, and MP7 Cirrus is a prime example, thanks to the blue gradient and glittering surface. The price is quite reasonable: $0.78.

MP7 | Nemesis

MP7 Nemesis Skin
Many CS:GO fans are also fans of the cult franchise Resident Evil. One skin creator was inspired by the MP7 Nemesis character and made a cool and progressive skin based on it. The color scheme here is similar to the underground laboratories of Umbrella. In the central part of the machine you can see the creature itself. It looks pretty spectacular. $3.16 for such an item is quite a justifiable expenditure.

MP7 | Abyssal Apparition

MP7 Abyssal Apparition Skin
This looks like it was inspired by some art house movies. The indistinct image of the tiger’s mouth is a real delight. The item was released relatively recently, namely in January 2022. The cost of the MP7 Abyssal Apparition is $1.90 with the possibility that it will increase later on.

MP7 | Impire

MP7 Impire SKin
This variant is definitely among the coolest MP7 skins. The weapon here is completely painted in green, and on the surface you can see hundreds of creatures similar to devils in different shades of green. This looks intriguing, especially in the context of possible nuclear plant accidents on the Nuke map. The price of MP7 Impire is quite low, namely $2.10. It’s an item everyone can afford.

MP7 | Special Delivery

MP7 Special Delivery Skin
An interesting item. It does not stand out against other items with bright colors or unusual images. Perhaps its main merit is atmosphere. The successful combination of brown, gray and red colors allow the item to be used effectively on any map. MP7 Special Delivery priced at $0.9.

MP7 | Mischief

MP7 Mischief Skin
This variant is unequivocally one of the CS2 best cheap MP7 skins. MP7 Mischief made in a modern style, and looks cool and mesmerizing with red stripes on a white surface, with different kinds of patterns. Definitely not bad for $0.07.

MP7 | Skulls

MP7 Skulls
An unusual variant. At first you might think there is no image, just a sandy surface. In fact, the skin consists of hundreds of images of skulls. Moreover, this is one of the most expensive skins on our list, because MP7 Skulls price starts from $13.54.

MP7 | Motherboard

MP7 Motherboard Skin
The design was introduced in 2018 and almost immediately became very popular. Already from the name it is clear that the skin will look like the centerpiece of any personal computer. White lines and boards are drawn on a green surface. The price on P7 Motherboard is as low as possible, namely $0.05.

MP7 | Neon Ply

MP7 Neon Ply Skin
Counter Strike MP7 skins are quite capable of surprising their audience. This option is no exception. When you first look at it, you might think that it looks psychedelic with its neon lines in different colors. It looks cool and interesting. The price on MP7 Neon Ply is $1.90, but it changes frequently.

MP7 | Bloodsport

The most popular design for the MP7. MP7 Bloodsport skin successfully combines red and white colors with a lot of inscriptions and small images on the surface. In fact, such a skin is well adapted to absolutely all kinds of weapons available in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It looks especially original on the Nuke map, as it clearly conveys the atmosphere of a nuclear power plant.

When purchasing a skin for this submachine gun you should understand that such a purchase will not affect the weapon’s effectiveness. The playing characteristics of the MP7 will remain the same. Absolutely all in-game items have a cosmetic effect only. They are designed to make the gameplay more vivid — after all, it makes no sense to play all the time with a weapon that has a default design.

At the same time we must note that the creators continually develop new weapon designs, despite the release of Counter-Strike 2. Moreover, there are predictions that the price of skins will only increase with the full release of the new game. The same M4A4 skins have always been popular with gamers. Many of them cost more than $1,000 and this machine gun is considered the most popular in the shooter.

Experienced players are able to earn a real profit on skins. To do this, they spend a lot of time analyzing price trends. If you catch the right moment, you can hit the real jackpot. The main thing is not to rush a decision, so as not to regret selling on a skin too cheaply.


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