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What You Need to Know About Inferno Callouts

What You Need to Know About Inferno Callouts

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Counter Strike: Global Offensive is rightly considered one of the best multiplayer games of the 21st century. This is evidenced by the fact that every day this game is launched more than 10 million people from around the world. The main goal for some users is to get into the professional scene. This is expected, because participation in professional tournaments can bring significant profits. The gameplay itself is a battle between two teams in a 5 * 5 format. Developers in the face of Valve offer customers a lot of maps, but the main pool includes only seven. One of the most popular locations is CS GO Inferno Map. It is made in the Italian style, and the peculiarities of the location of the positions made it quite popular among the target audience. 

inferno map

In general, the task of the players is identical to that of the other maps. The attacking side must plant the bomb, while the defense must do everything possible to prevent the opponent from doing so. One round lasts about two minutes, not including preparation time. If beginners immediately try to attack one of the captives, the professionals approach the process extremely competently, taking into account all the details. For these gamers are important every detail and movement that occurs in different positions.

So that users are not confused about their location and could intelligently explain to teammates where the enemy is now, were created Inferno callouts. They are quite a lot, and therefore it is advisable before you actively use the location to play, learn these positions. Even those players who do not speak English at a high level try to learn these names in order to succeed in the international team. 

Main Positions in Inferno

inferno csgo map

After the release of any map in Counter Strike, users try to come up with a name for almost every location as quickly as possible. If we talk about the most popular spots that are extremely important to you as a participant in the process, these are:

  • Banana. One of the approaches to point B. Many professional users claim that among Inferno callouts 2022, this is the place that is most important. Whoever controls Banana is very likely to have an immediate advantage in the round.
  • T Spawn. This is where the attacking side starts a new game. An interesting feature is that users can play tic-tac-toe here.
  • CT Spawn. In turn, this point is associated with the start of the round to defend. In doing so, it plays one of the decisive roles for the potential success of each side. In order to prevent terrorists from having direct access to point B from the middle of the location, it is important to control this position.
  • A Site, B Site. These are the two zones where terrorists have the opportunity to plant a bomb. If you go outside of the area, the system will not allow this operation.
  • Car. One of the points on Banana, which is often taken by the attacker when moving to Site B. In turn, the SWAT team can throw an incendiary grenade there in order to kill the enemy.
  • Mid. The central area of the map. It is often used for direct combat between the teams’ snipers. The visual contact to this area is also available to the user from Apartments. 
  • Second Mid. Additional space through which the gamer can get to A Site. Less often used by the players and therefore considered as an environment for the enemy.
  • A Long. Hard to imagine Inferno CSGO callouts without this position. If we look at it from the mid-side, it’s the left side to attack when entering Area A. 
  • A Short. Many players use exactly the right side of the approach, as it is much shorter. Moreover, the player can go to it through the building.
  • T Apps and CT Apps. One of the features of this map is that here players have access to many buildings through which they can move around the map. The name for these positions is chosen quite logically. The T Apps are the building that is closer to the terrorist base, while the CT Apps are initially available to the defenders.
  • Dark. One of the convenient positions for the B-base support. The only real way to get the enemy out of there is to throw a Molotov cocktail. 
  • Ruins. One of the approaches to the B Site. Just like Banana, this place is extremely important to control for the players. If you don’t, the enemy can easily come around you and kill you from behind.
  • Library. One of the favorite places for the snipers who are going to defend the A Site. The reason for this is that you have a good view not only to the bomb plot, but also to the Balcony’s position.
  • Kitchen. The area adjacent to the Library. These Inferno map callouts are not immediately obvious to players, because this room has almost no classic kitchen attributes.
  • Balcony. One of the exit options to A Site from the CT Apps position. At the same time, it’s rather risky, because almost every representative of the defense can kill the one who’s coming out.
  • Pit. One of the most convenient positions for controlling a Balcony. The representative of the defense can control it, thereby preventing the opponent from easily approaching the A Site, either from Shot or directly from the CT Site. 
  • Arch. A great place for deceptive maneuvers by teams. For example, if the terrorists can get to it through the Mid, you can easily take the enemy at the B Site by surprise.

CSGO new Inferno callouts appear regularly. This is due to the fact that teams regularly come up with new tactics, and therefore need a new approach to the process to implement them. 

Does Understanding the Positions Guarantee Success in the Game

Of course, if the user has the necessary tactical knowledge in CS GO Inferno map, the chance of winning increases many times over. However, it should not be forgotten that an important role in the potential success of the user is played by the level of shooting and movement skills on the map. After all, not always the player even having a nominal advantage in the context of close interaction with partners, will be able to outplay a more experienced opponent. It can be noted that on the FaceIt platform, users have a more intelligent approach to the naming of positions on the map. After all, unlike matchmaking, players here find motivation to become a professional cyber athlete. 

As a result, Inferno is one of the most difficult locations for players, given the huge number of names. At the same time, it generates genuine interest.