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Earn on Battle Royale madness – sell H1Z1 skins!

The hot gaming trend of Battle Royale games is not going to fade out, and its fans have quite a variety of titles to choose from. Those who prefer realistic battle experiences may try their strength in PUBG. Those who like hilarious cartoonish shooting might play Fortnite Battle Royale. But let’s have a look at a game that combines these styles – H1Z1!

It’s realistic in its mechanics but not so hardcore as PUBG. It offers lots of colorful skins and bright objects but has no “magic” tricks like Fortnite. H1Z1 is an excellent title to try for all shooter and Battle Royale fans! The game is free, and players can even earn real money on it – thanks to H1Z1 trading.

The Skins.Cash service is glad to inform you, guys – we buy H1Z1 skins and pay for them with real money through convenient payment systems. This is totally the same as with CS:GO, Dota 2, and Team Fortress 2. Are you ready to get cash from your gaming hobby?

Play for your life… or rather, the life of your character!

On the surface, there are no significant differences between the main Battle Royale titles – they copy the Japanese movie with the same name, where students are forced to fight for their lives. The space is limited. Only one will survive and taste victory. So, there is no time to waste:

  • Choose a perfect place for landing;
  • Look for loot and collect weapons, ammo, healing items;
  • Kill everyone you see in the virtuality – or they will kill you;
  • Try and survive to the end.

For making a short H1Z1 review, we can emphasize its unique features:

  • The starting number of players here is 150 people;
  • The map size is 10×10 km;
  • Players are pushed to a small safe area by a green poisonous gas;
  • There is no in-game progress for your character, only the development of your playing skills;
  • There is a special Auto Royale mode with battles only on vehicles.

Some players are active in their battling – they land near big buildings to get better loot, they search for victims, fight for crates with premium equipment, and participate in lots of massive shooting outs. The other style is stealth. Such players hide from others’ attention and look for quiet places even if no good weapons can be found there.

Still, you don’t have to choose a particular behavior – just go with your mood and do whatever pleases you at the moment.

Get skins! Sell skins!

As in many other games with skins, here we have some super nice H1Z1 items to customize your character, their weapons and vehicles. Two very good features of these items:

  • They are strictly cosmetic and have no influence on the playing process. So, no one can get something from H1Z1 trading and feel superior power over other players. Of course, using skins can make you feel more confident and help you to win – but that’s a totally different story.
  • Players can get free H1Z1 skins in the game itself – through special crates with a random drop system. The longer you play, the better your skills become, the more crates you get.

Sell your H1Z1 skins

Using skins in any game is super fun entertainment, which boosts the joy of the process to the max. So, why should someone sell H1Z1 skins? Here are a couple of significant reasons:

  1. Usually, players don’t use all the skins from their inventories – they just don’t like some of them. So why keep such items?
  2. If you need some extra money for something. Empty your H1Z1 inventory, get cash and use it for your dreams.

In fact, it doesn’t matter why you’ve decided to sell skins from H1Z1 – Skins.Cash will not ask any questions. Log in through Steam, choose skins from your inventory, choose a payout method, and get money. It’s as easy as pie! Read more detailed instructions in our How It Works section!

Sell H1Z1 skins on the Skins.Cash service, and let your gaming adventures be both exciting and profitable!



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