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Skins.Cash is sponsoring DMarket Spring Сup – are you ready to win skins?

Skins.Cash is sponsoring DMarket Spring Сup – are you ready to win skins?

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The gaming community knows well that Skins.Cash is the place to sell in-game items for real money. And now we go beyond this service! Skins.Cash has become a sponsor of an exciting Esports event – DMarket Spring Сup in the discipline of CS:GO. Every viewer of the Live Stream will have chances to win CS:GO skins.

The tournament will continue for four days, from the 13th to 16th of April 2018. To watch the matches online, visit the Twitch channel WeKnowHow. Also, there will be Live Streams for Russian speakers on the channels Th3SuspectTV and t4pochek.

Eight specially invited teams will participate in DMarket Spring Сup. First, they will face off in the Group stage. The luckiest and the most skilled will go to the Play-Off Stage to try and win $5,000 of the prize pool.

Watching these matches is an excellent way to entertain yourself and even to develop your gaming skills – who knows which amazing tricks you will learn from the professionals…

Moreover, Skins.Cash will take care of making this tournament not only interesting for you but also profitable! We’re holding a few tempting Giveaways:

  • Win skins regularly from the 13th to 17th of April on the Giveaway section on Skins.Cash.
  • Watch the start of the tournament on Twitch and win a super-duper nice skin in a special Fast Giveaway.
  • Be active during Live Streams – make comments in the chat box and don’t miss any match. Five of the most active viewers will get skins as rewards from our team.
  • All the details of Giveaways connected to DMarket Spring Сup will be revealed on our pages in social networks: TwitterFacebookVKontakte; and also on the Skins.Cash Telegram channel.



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