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Best Winter Style CS:GO Skins

CS:GO is considered one of the most popular video games of all time. It is an integral part of the esports industry and has contributed much towards its success. The game is played by millions of players each month, and everyone enjoys it to the fullest. Today, we are going to discuss some of the best CS:GO skins for this winter.

Skins in CS:GO
The thing which most players love about CS:GO is the customization area. While there are plenty of CS:GO items available out there, skins are the most popular. The best way to get skins is by visiting the marketplace. There, you can find different types of skins, with each having a specific price tag. You can either sell CS:GO skins there, or purchase them.
Selecting the right skin can be a somewhat difficult task considering there are lots to choose from. You might end up adding the wrong one to your CS:GO skins collection, so you must be careful while making the purchase. To help you out, we are going to talk about the best winter style CS:GO skins.

Best Winter Style CS:GO Skins

1 – Galil Tuxedo for Galil AR
The first winter styled CS:GO skin on our list is the Galil Tuxedo for the Galil AR. Without a doubt, the Galil AR is one of the most popular weapons of CS:GO as it can help you annihilate the entire enemy team if used right. The Galil Tuxedo is a perfect skin for those looking for a way to give their favorite weapon a winter touch. It has a standard black and white theme, with most of its body covered in black. The simplicity of this skin is what we personally love about it as it gives it a classy look. Within the marketplace, you can find its Factory New version for $1.

2 – Polar Camo for G3SG1
The Polar Camo for the G3SG1 is yet another amazing skin for winters. The G3SG1 is a sniper that most players avoid using because it lowers the movement speed, but some still opt for it because of its higher fire rate. If you are one of them, then it will be wise to purchase the Polar Camo for the perfect winter touch. Interestingly, this skin is seen in a lot of multiplayer games. This is because the white camo has always remained a firm fan favorite option. Its Factory New version can be purchased for under $1.

3 – Mecha Industries for M4A1-S
The M4A1-S is the favorite weapon of many CS:GO players, and we were trying to find the perfect winter styled skin for it. After some research, we went with the Mecha Industries skin. While this skin was not made for the winters, its look still justifies the theme. It has a black and white color scheme, with a few spots of red on it. For those who are interested in getting this skin for their weapon, you can get the Factory Version for around $26, with the Minimal Wear variant being available from $12.

4 – Winter Forest for Galil AR
The Winter Forest skin is the second one on our list for the Galil AR. What can we say? Maybe the creators loved making more winter-based skins for it. The Winter Forest is easily one of the best CS:GO skins because of its amazing look. It has a camo style, with a grey and white color scheme. While the new one costs around $61, you can get the Minimal Wear variant for $5. However, the price is worth it considering its stylish look.

5 – Mecha Industries for FAMAS
The FAMAS is a weapon seen in most FPS games. In CS:GO, it’s considered one of the best weapons of choice. If you’re wanting to wrap it in a skin, then you should definitely go with the one that justifies its reputation. For this purpose, it will be wise to opt for the Mecha Industries skin this winter. The Mecha Industries skin has a white, black, and off-white color scheme, with a touch of red added. The Factory New version can be bought for around $5, so you can easily add it to your collection.

6 – Detour for SSG 08
The Detour skin for the SSG 08 is easily one of the best CS:GO skins we have ever seen. Its design is really simple, yet creative. It offers a black and white theme, with a pattern right at its center. With the Factory New version being available for $10, its used variants lie between $4 to $8. If you are looking for more perfect skins to increase your CS:GO skins collection, then you shouldn’t hold yourself back from purchasing this one.

7- Whiteout for MP7
Now, coming towards a skin that is completely white and justifies the concept of winter-themed skins. We’re talking about the Whiteout skin for the MP7. As its name suggests, the skin is completely white, with only a few black spots dotted around that are hardly noticeable. There is no other skin better than this one for the MP7 if you’re truly thinking of celebrating winters in style. However, the skin is very expensive as it comes with a price tag of $368 for the Factory New version. But you can find the Minimal Wear variant for around $22.

8- Whiteout for P250
Another complete white skin we have on our list is the Whiteout skin for the P250. Just like the above-mentioned skin, this one also makes the weapon completely white alongside a few spots of black. If you have the budget for it, then you can grab the Factory New version at a snip for $75. But hey, you can always opt for the $7.25 Minimal Wear variant, right?

9- Tuxedo for CZ75-Auto
Another minimalistic skin in our list of best CS:GO winter styled skins is the Tuxedo for the CZ75-Auto. Just like the previous Tuxedo skin on our list, this one also offers a simple black and white theme. The lower and the front part of this skin is completely black, while the upper part is completely white. Considering its Factory New version is available for around a dollar, you should definitely add this skin to your collection. After all, what’s better than a skin that looks amazing and isn’t even that expensive?

10 – Polar Mesh for Nova
While the Nova might not be one of the most popular weapons in CS:GO, some players still love customizing it. If you’re one of them, then we suggest you get this Polar Mesh skin as it’s the perfect winter styled skin for the Nova. What we personally love about it is how beautifully it has been designed, as brushes of white and dark grey run along the entire skin. The best part? It will not cost you more than a dollar. Therefore, you don’t have any reason not to add it to your CS:GO skins collection.

Notable Mention – Damascus Steel for Flip Knife
This post would be incomplete without mentioning a winter style skin for the knife. For our notable mention, we would like to suggest the Damascus Steel for the Flip Knife. Although it’s not entirely winter-based, we feel it still justifies the theme. However, it is important to know that both the Factory New and Minimal Wear version of this skin is expensive, being available for $151 and $135 respectively. However, if you do have some extra cash to spend, then we will suggest you go with this one.

These were some of the best winter style CS:GO skins. Some of these skins might fall under your budget, while others may not. However, we suggest you go with the Minimal Wear versions as likely you will not even notice the damage on them. You can find tons of them in the marketplace, with most being available in good condition. Make sure to check out some other winter style CS:GO skins in the marketplace as well, as you might find that you like others more than these ones. Remember, if you have any unused skins in your inventory, then you can always sell CS:GO skins in the marketplace and cash out. This way, you will have more money to buy the skins you actually want.



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