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Best CS GO Surf Maps 2022

Many users are sure that CS:GO aiming and demonstrating their own skill in ranked games is their only task in this online shooter. However,  there are now a huge number of modes that allow the player to diversify the process. One of the most popular is the so-called surf. In fact, these are in-game maps where the user needs to overcome various platforms and blocks that are located at different angles. Today, there is a huge variety of Counter-Strike surf maps. Initially, they were rather dull, as various objects were located against the backdrop of an empty space. However, with the development of the mode, the number and quality of structures increased and became more complicated.

The new option for spending time in CS:GO aroused genuine interest among the target audience. In CS:GO’s best maps you can find a huge number of locations for surfing. This fact only confirms the high demand for these types of games.

How to Start Surfing

Access to the corresponding mode appears for the user immediately after he downloads CS:GO to his personal computer. The essence of surfing is to move along the platform in such a way as not to fall into the void. To do this, you need to use the A and D buttons, as well as your gaming mouse. The latter is responsible for the speed of movement on objects.

As practice shows, CS GO surf maps can be quite difficult for beginners. Therefore, in order to achieve adequate results in this mode, the player will have to practice for a long time. Of course, even in such locations, the user wants to look confident. To do this, you can buy various items. If a player no longer need them, CSGO skins can be sold to earn good money.

List of the Best Maps for Surfing

surf white out map

Each rating is subjective. After all, everyone has their own preferences, including in games. Therefore, you and your best friend will have different best surf maps in CS:GO. At the same time, there are those locations that are in the greatest demand among the target audience. Millions of users from all over the world connect to such servers every day and now there are several hundred CS:GO surf maps. The locations that deserve a player’s attention should include:

  • Surf_beginner. Already from the name of the map it becomes clear that it is intended for beginners. If the user wants to improve their surfing skills, then acquaintance with the mode should begin with this location. This training option allows you to improve several sets of skills.

surf beginner map

  •  Surf_summer. If we talk about existing CS:GO slide maps, then this option is equally good for both beginners and experienced gamers. The name hints that spending time in this mode will be bright and sunny. There are locations without special obstacles, and those that most professionals will not pass.

surf summer

  • Surf_utopia. On this map, players first of all pay attention to the graphics. The background is extremely well chosen extremely well, which makes this location one of the best CS:GO surf maps. If you just start to master the various maneuvers in this game, you will get the feeling that the gamer was in the gym, and not on the training map in the popular online shooter.
  • Surf kitsune. The best option for spending time for those users who like cyberpunk games. There’s an abundance of neon surfaces which are extremely interesting to slide on and immediately catch the eye. For players who successfully completed this map, access to the continuation is also provided.

kitsune map

  • Surf_mesa. If a player connects to a server with this location, then he must be prepared for the fact that it will be quite difficult to go through all the platforms. Despite this, it is quite fun and exciting to pass it. This is an ideal option for players who want to increase their skill.
  • Surf_fortum. Another example of a map that users choose because of the nice design. There are several locations at once, which contain incredible views of forests, mountains and rivers. In addition, there is a separate part associated with underground surfing. Very similar to the plot of games about seekers of ancient artifacts. Analyzing only the reviews of the target audience, we can conclude that it is the card that is most popular among users. Imagine how cool it is just to surf in beautiful locations, switch hands CSGO along the way.

Novice players should not focus solely on their shooting. This is an important element of Counter Strike: Global Offensive. It is important to develop from different directions in order to achieve real success in the end. Surfing on various maps should definitely help the user feel more dynamic on the map. The player may not immediately feel the difference, but over time he will begin to move around the map better, as well as shoot at his opponent. Only after reading the interviews of most professional players, one can come to the conclusion that this project is far from just shooting. This is an understanding of the gameplay from different angles. At the same time, you should not spend a lot of time on surfing. To improve your skills, this mode can be given 10-15 minutes practice a day.


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