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New case-opening rules after the update: how things work in CS:GO now

Recently there was a big update popular multiplayer game, so a huge number of users have decided to start playing again and do not know how the cases work. The community even discusses how much the key for CSGO costs, which means that the level of awareness of the latest innovations is minimal. So we decided to tell you how to get the keys in CS GO, how much time and money it takes, and what conditions must be met for a successful game in competitive mode.

Remember that you can sell CSGO skins for real money right on the Skins.Cash site. In this case, you can get the money directly to your bank card or via a wallet payment system. Among the advantages is that STEAM allows you to sell your weapon for internal balance only. You will have to buy other skins or games for it. But with the money on the card, you can even buy a new phone. So we tell you all the details.

How much do CSGO keys cost and how do get them

A phenomenal innovation of the game, which has long been considered the norm, is the drop system. You get a small chance of dropping different items after each match. These can be cases or different skins, which have their rarity and value. Everything depends solely on your luck, so you should play as much as possible.

At the same time, you will need special items to open the cases. Prices for CS GO keys are regulated exclusively by the official developers and are about $2.5 per piece. So if you want to start earning on dropped items, you’ll have to buy them through STEAM. Most importantly, such a system already existed since 2013, when it was decided to add the first box with new skins.

There are several ways to get keys in CSGO:

  • The easiest one is simply playing a game where you gradually have fun and accumulate different skins and cases. After that, you sell them on the trading floor and get the balance in cash. You can use them as you want, but most often it is more profitable to just sell them and buy the keys;
  • The second way is to deposit them from your bank card. It is necessary to go to your STEAM profile and make a deal. After that, the money will be deducted from your account and transferred to your account. Then you can buy the keys;
  • Initially, the keys can be obtained in other ways, for example, by participating in various promotions and competitions. Now there is no such possibility, so we have to buy these ill-fated keys. But the question of how much CSGO keys cost will be answered by the technical support of the game’s client.

How much do CSGO keys

Does the price of CSGO keys pay off?

Many players are wondering whether it is worth it to get information about the cost of CS GO keys. There is a small chance to get a profitable weapon and sell it for more than you spent before. But the usual opening of cases rarely leads to anything like that.

It is best to find out how to get the keys in CSGO right after the release of a new case. Because of this, weapons are still expensive, and new skins are scarce on the market, so they can be bought for a lot of value. High quality straight from the factory and cool float are especially valued in this case. These two indicators can affect the cost and add even a few hundred dollars to the price of a regular gun.

In any case, players should be aware that every CSGO key case carries certain risks. You can’t count on getting a cool weapon, because the developers lay down quite low chances of falling out. That’s why you need to consider buying the cash and keys only as an opportunity to have fun and to try your luck.

Still, sometimes players get cool knives or gloves that are considered the jackpot in the world of CS GO. In this case, the price can reach several thousand dollars. The steep opportunity to have such weapons shows that the community is interested in such items. True, it is best to sell really rare guns, not on the official STEAM trading floor. There is not only a limitation on the maximum cost but also takes a rather large commission. On third-party services, such as Skins.Cash you can sell your guns much more profitably and with direct withdrawal to your bank card.

Price of CSGO keys: which is the best to buy

There are several opinions on this, but experts generally push back on the fact that it is best to get items that open boxes with the maximum number of knives or gloves. In this case, the benefit should be more significant, because any knife is more expensive than other guns. In this case, the prices of CSGO keys fully justify themselves.

New case-opening rules after the update

Many users think about how to get CSGO keys, although you just need to go into the game and buy a few pieces at the bottom. After that, you should buy special cases. Huntsman or Shattered Web, which have the rarest and most valuable items in them, are the most valuable. Such weapons should interest you, so you should pay attention to them.

You should also note that there are no prices for CSGO keys on the STEAM marketplace. The thing is that you can’t trade them. The developers have decided to monopolize this business and therefore do not allow the players to make any key purchases through the Marketplace. You have to buy everything from the company, which means you have to spend $2.50 per purchase.

Don’t forget that the best way to sell your skins is on the official Skins.Cash website. Write to our technical support to learn more about our algorithm for determining the price and your options. Money can be quickly withdrawn to a bank card or popular payment system!




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