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Calculating MMR Ranking in Dota 2 

Calculating MMR Ranking in Dota 2 

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The popularity of Dota 2 has created a multi-million dollar community that is constantly updated with new players. They discuss gameplay moments, updates, characters, and their skills, brag about MMR ranking, and argue relentlessly about Dota 2 vs League of Legends. The most experienced gamers can give advice to newcomers based on their own experience.

The experience and skills of each player can be viewed in their profile. The most accurate definition of professionalism is given by rank medals. They reflect each player’s skill and level of practice, so they play an important role in shaping the player’s profile. 

Dota 2 developers have created a complex ranking system that clearly distributes players by experience and skill. The algorithms are periodically updated and changed, improving to eliminate imbalances. 

How does the ranking system work after the recent 7.33 update, and what do you need to know about calibration? Who are the smurfs, how should you deal with them, and what is needed to keep your own ranking? After the update, there are many questions, most of which we will try to answer in our article.

Unlocking Rating Matchmaking

According to some reports, the game has about 72 million registered players. Every day there are about 500,000 to 700,000 players online. These figures are constantly growing, and new profiles appear. Dota 2 is played in different parts of the world.

Newcomers have a fascinating journey ahead of them into the world of medals and Dota 2 rankings. However, in order to do so, you’ll need to unlock the ability to score points. What you need to know is this:

  1. It is necessary to play 100 hours for the unlock. Such a requirement appeared in connection with the distribution of cartoons that are created to earn and resell. In addition, it is an effective fight against smurf-profiles — not everyone is willing to give so much time for dubious gain. During the 100-hour playing period, the system will be able to determine the participant’s level of skill and qualification more accurately. At the same time, any mode will be counted as completed — points will be added when you win, and deducted when you lose. Please note: after update 7.33, personal achievements are taken into account, which was not the case before.
  2. Enter your phone number carefully when registering. The account is linked to a Steam profile via a mobile number. It must be entered accurately because changes are possible but complicated.
  3. Calibration. This is a mandatory process that every new player goes through, as well as all players during Dota 2 seasonal rank tiers. It is necessary in order to personalize the level for each player according to their real skills. Calibration is done until the confidence level reaches 30%. This will enable getting actual points for wins and losses. Until this happens, points will be distributed unevenly and at a higher value.

Ranked Confidence is the determining factor in the allocation of levels. The more the gamer takes part in rating matches, the higher the confidence is. It will increase as long as the gamer is active and will decrease when the account is idle.

With the update released in April 2023, Ranked Confidence was switched to the new Glicko algorithm, which replaced the old ELO system. Today it is actively used in games such as, Lichess, and Team Fortress 2.

What is Glicko?

The algorithm was created by Mark Glickman to more accurately determine the skill of the player taking into account many aspects. If previously a fixed number of points was added and removed for wins and losses to Dota 2 ranks, now a personal rating will be calculated with confidence, efficiency, and other indicators in mind. It is believed that this way the order and a better game balance will be created.

After the update, each gamer must undergo calibration. After that, they will be allocated their rank. Now each victory and loss will no longer be a team achievement but a personal one for each participant. In order to get more ranking points, it is important to know how many heroes in Dota 2 there are, and skillfully choose the right hero that will be productive for the team and personal experience.

Rank Distribution in Dota 2

Rating is a numerical value that is displayed in the player’s profile. The newcomer starts with the “Uncalibrated” medal. The system will credit points to the hidden MMR distribution for participation in battles according to efficiency. If the newcomer wins, they will be assigned to another group of players with similar skills. If they lose and the score goes down, they will be relegated to a lower level.

What medals does the MMR system provide? There are seven of them in total and each rank implies five sublevels. It is highly recommended to explore them in more detail.


Rank Herald in Dota 2

This is the entry level that new players are assigned. The score range is 0 to 616 MMR. This is the point for those who have not yet mastered the gameplay, have minimal skills and low play experience. 

At the entry level, you should focus on learning the rules and basics of the game. It is recommended to take simple heroes. It is necessary to have quite a lot of patience and diligence to figure out all the game aspects from scratch.


Rank Guardian in Dota 2

The medal is for between 770 and 1,386 MMR. Here users have to face more experienced gamers who have an understanding of gameplay. It is worth taking care to study not only the map but also skills, and learn how to use them efficiently. 

Determine your role in the team to perform successfully. Focus on killing, and creeps for gold to get the necessary resources. It should be understood that players with a rating of 770 and 1,386 are very different but they play in the same division, so you should not relax and instead continue your learning.


Rank Crusader in Dota 2

The transition to the Crusader medal is possible after the accumulation of 1,540 MMR, and for further advancement, it is necessary to accumulate 2,156 MMR. With such a rating, gamers know their role and begin to understand the heroes and their abilities.

It is important to learn all the characters’ skills, as well as be able to use them in different scenarios. Fast decision-making is the key to success to new victories. By the way, at this level, you can join chats and discuss game events. You will learn a lot of new and useful things from them.


Rank Archon in Dota 2

Starting with 2,310 points, you receive the Archon Medal. You will stay at this level until you collect 2,926 MMR. Since Dota 2 is a team game, you need knowledge about productive cooperation. At the Archon level, gamers understand more about how to choose a hero for synergy.

Communication with the rest of the team becomes an important part. Live and voice chats enable organized offensives and attacks. It is important to react quickly to changes in strategies, which will be new in every game.


Rank Legend in Dota 2

According to the Dota 2 MMR chart, a player receives this medal after reaching 3,080 MMR. Before the next medal, you need to accumulate at least 3,696 MMR. Having gained enough skills, it is already possible to look at how professionals act and adopt their experience. 

Upon reaching the Legend Medal, players learn how to use wards and counter-wards to get a better view and to act in a planned manner. With enough experience, team members play more systematically, thus eliminating chaos and miscommunication between players.


Rank Ancient in Dota 2

This medal is awarded to advanced players who have earned 3,850 rating points. After reaching 4,466 MMR, a new level with professionals appears on the horizon. This time should be used to thoroughly learn the game mechanics and improve your skills. 

With most of the heroes already mastered, it remains to learn how to adapt to the current situation and the skills of the selected character to demonstrate them all. The main task is the balance on the tracks, which can decide the outcome of the whole game.


Rank Divine in Dota 2

The game system is designed to distribute MMR for each rank in a way that matches the skill of the player as closely as possible. This is the penultimate medal that can be earned in the game with a rating range of 4,620–5,420 MMR. 

Here you will often find players who are waiting for the ultimate award, the Immortal. Many users probably already had it but lost their ranking points for some reason. This is often due to personal mistakes or playing in the tilt, which only aggravates the situation.


Rank Immortals in Dota 2

There are real professionals playing here. They know everything about the game and what’s going on beyond it. They are the kings of Dota 2, so every round promises to be impressive. Many battles are posted on social media and newcomers enjoy watching epic combats.

It’s worth noting that every player who perseveres toward their goal will sooner or later succeed and make it to the Major League. 


Dota 2 is a fascinating world with its own audience and economy. Some people play for fun, others pursue eSports, and others take advantage of the option to sell Dota 2 items. Everyone finds their own way and develops in the direction they choose.


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