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Dota 2 Heroes to Begin With

Dota 2 Heroes to Begin With

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One of the main features of Dota 2 is its large number of heroes. Each gamer can choose the most suitable option for their skills, experience, preferences, and team composition. After the recent April update, there were major changes in the character classification. 

Previously they were all grouped into three classes: Strength, Agility, and Intelligence. The first had 42 characters, the second had 38, and the third had 44. This certain imbalance somewhat surprised gamers but most of them accepted this situation. Now everything is completely different and there is a fourth group: Universal. This includes heroes who did not quite fit the previously listed classes. The inequality has been eliminated and now the classes have an equal number of characters (31 each) which totals 124 options.

It’s very difficult for a beginner to deal with so many heroes. After all, each one requires careful study and mastery of skills. Some players abandoned Dota because of bad choices and repeated mistakes and started looking for an easier game. To prevent this, you should know how to make the right choice in the first stages. All the characters have different levels of difficulty, and they are grouped into three ranks. We will tell you the Dota 2 best heroes for beginners and provide a brief overview of each of them.

Best Beginner Dota 2 Heroes: Our Top 10

If you are taking your first steps in learning the gameplay and mechanics, and want to show your effectiveness in the team, you should choose simple heroes, so as not to get lost in difficult situations. Here are the top 10 best beginner heroes Dota 2 that will suit you.


Sven Dota 2 Hero

This big guy is suitable for beginners who want to feel strong and inflict maximum damage. For those who haven’t learned how to farm yet, it’s a great option. His abilities enable him to hit several enemies at once, and he can do a lot of damage with his cleave. His Ultimate, Force of God, also works well since it boosts his power for a few seconds.

Sven is good in close combat. His only weakness is his low health. Experienced gamers recommend buying items such as Echo Sabre to make him cause more damage, Daedalus for critical strikes, and Black King Bar to evade slowing down spells.


Axe Dota 2 Hero

It’s a real tank that withstands a lot of blows and causes powerful damage in close combat. If there is no threat at the moment, it is possible to go to the Jungle and farm creeps. The main rule is never to ignore defense, as Axe can withstand physical attacks but is vulnerable to magical spells.

His main weapons are Blade Mail and Blink Dagger, which help to be more effective. Some enemies definitely can’t resist Counter Helix. This hero is easy to play for those who are just mastering the gameplay because it doesn’t require a lot of skills and experience to control him.


Lich Dota 2 Hero

This is one of the most viable heroes that is suitable for beginners. The two-headed dragon possesses the magic of fire and ice, using spells at a distance. This helps him not to get caught by the carries and stay alive longer.

Strong damage power is given to Jakiro from the beginning of the game and remains relevant and useful until the finale. His main abilities are slowing and area stun enabling him to act as a tank on the top lane. 

His Ultimate is Macropyre, which increases damage, clears waves, and protects the turret while the team is still alive. The advantage is the simple use of spells, which can be learned in the first battle.


Necrophos Dota 2 Hero

One of the most suitable heroes in Dota 2 for beginners is Plague Pope Necrophos. His self-healing ability saves you in many situations and enables you to withstand the powerful blows of the enemy. The midlane hero spoils a lot of tanks and other opponents with his Absolute Reaper Braid. Although he only deals single blows, they cause irreparable damage to the enemy’s health.

Another useful feature is the ability to choose the hero’s development. You can focus on spells or healing, depending on the situation. If you are still just mastering the location, the Eternal Shroud will help you stay focused.


Bristleback Dota 2 Hero

This is a very resilient hero, so it suits players who want to score as much as possible in Dota 2 MMR ranking, stay in the game longer, and die less often. He’s a skilled fighter who has enormous health, so he can withstand powerful blows. His back is covered in razor-sharp needles that shoot when his Spray of Feathers ability is activated. The more opponents are hit, the higher the damage.

Bristleback has another useful skill: the ability to slow enemies and reduce their armor. He uses sticky slime to do this and can deliver blow after blow to helpless opponents. He can act as a dominant in the game, as well as increase enemies’ KDA.


Lich Dota 2 Hero

If you’re looking for easy Dota 2 heroes, Lich is the best choice for you. The simplicity of his abilities is understandable even to someone who has just entered the game. When alive, he threatened the settlements with permafrost. Now, having become undead, he has gained even more power, which will be useful on Easy Lane:

  • Frost Blast slows and strikes enemies with cold;
  • Frost Shield provides effective defense;
  • Chain Frost is Ultimate in the form of a frost ball that can hit multiple enemies at once, so it’s recommended to be used when there is a large cluster of enemies.

Pay attention to saving mana because Lich’s abilities require a lot of it.

Spirit Breaker

Spirit Breaker Dota 2 Hero

This is one of the best-looking characters who has an excellent disable that helps the whole team. His ability to gank the game enables him to provide significant support to all allies, regardless of their location. And his quick running through obstacles enables him to catch up with the enemy in any location and terrain.

Barathrum, or Bara as he is also known, applies consistent pressure, preventing his opponents from relaxing. Standing in the 4th or 5th position, he can save HP and use skills without the fear of getting hit.


Undying Dota 2 Hero

He used to be a warrior but then he was thrown into the Dead Abyss. After that, he forgot his name and his brothers-in-arms. Yet the Dead God called him to a new war, and now he fights tirelessly invoking the dead. Undying has no disable, so he cannot move around the lanes. However, his ability to take health from enemies and give it back to allies is very effective.

Sometimes he can become a Golem to deliver a critical blow to the enemy and slow down their attacks. The crushing blow will be long remembered by the opponent, and the tombstones with zombies will make him run as fast as he can.


Sniper Dota 2 Hero

This midlaner and long-range fighter can also be a good carry due to his versatile abilities. However, if you stay away from fights, you have a better chance of surviving. He’s good at different positions, and he’s also quite good at farming with Shrapnel. Once you’ve leveled up, it’s time to take advantage of a real game and headshot with Take Aim.

Assassinate Ultimate, if used intelligently, can cause a lot of damage if you aim it accurately. A weak side is a poor escaping ability, so you should avoid mass short-range combats and stay at a distance.


It is difficult for a beginner to understand the gameplay, mechanics, map, lanes, and other nuances. Everything takes time, including the learning and skill-mastering phases. The correct choice of hero can help in this. It will give more points in the MMR ranking for quick calibration and confidence. 

Dota 2 is a world of its own, even a whole universe, with its rules, items, and opportunities. True fans focus on battles, mastering all the characters, and honing their abilities and skills to perfection. Other experienced gamers prefer to monetize their skills. They sell Dota 2 items for real money to buy new skins and arcanas. 

Regardless of the direction a gamer chooses, the main goal to achieve is their hero’s performance in the team and as an independent unit. According to the new rules, it is now not enough just to be present in the game. It is required to demonstrate performance. The new algorithm implemented in the system will take care of this. Therefore, it is extremely important for a beginner to learn how to choose a hero that corresponds to their skills and game experience from the first day.


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