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Counter Strike 2 Smokes

Counter Strike 2 Smokes

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For users who have been playing Counter Strike for a long time, grenades are an indispensable part of the game. At the beginning of 2023, a trailer of a new version of the game was announced, the release of which will happen soon.

CS2 Smokes is almost the main topic of discussion among players. Already by the demo versions of the game it becomes clear that the users are waiting for something special. Let’s take a look at what smoke grenades were in Counter Strike Global Offensive. In fact, when a gamer threw this grenade, he was covering a certain part of the map. Accordingly, his team gained a certain advantage. For example, when going to A Site on the Mirage map, the terrorists threw three or four grenades. They closed key points for the team that is in defense. The smoke in this version cannot be affected in any way. After 15 seconds it will disappear on its own.

The mechanics of CSGO 2 Smokes is quite different. Here are a few basic theses: +For each team this grenade will have a different color. It’s almost impossible for a player to keep track of all the processes that take place on the map. Now, only when he sees a smoke grenade, he will be able to figure out who threw it: a teammate or a rival. +It can be influenced. If you start shooting through the smoke screen or throw a fragmentation grenade, it will partially disappear. Accordingly, players have a chance to see the opponent and eliminate him. +Size. This is the most controversial moment. It is not yet completely clear how big the grenade’s area of action will be. This indicator changes with each update of the demo version. If you analyze the most recent variants, it is planned to make the smoke screen higher, but smaller in length.

The new Counter Strike 2 Smoke suggests that professionals will also have to retrain. After all, the new mechanics of how grenades work directly affects the tactics a team needs to choose. Also, gamers will have to figure out which pixel to put the mouse cursor on in order to get the smoke grenade where it needs to go.

Another interesting functionality that was added to Counter Strike 2 is the ability to examine grenades. Now at any stage of the round, the user can take out this type of weapon and not just hold it in his hands, but also examine it. Quite interesting. Perhaps such functionality is made specifically to add skins for all types of grenades later. There will definitely be a demand for such a product. If we talk about skins, it is a separate component of the gameplay in Counter Strike. They make the gameplay more attractive and diverse. With their help, users motivate themselves to show the maximum level of individual skills. At the same time, globally, in-game items do not affect the characteristics of weapons in any way. If Sell Counter Strike 2, then you can earn good money. At the moment, buying and selling skins is available on the Steam Marketplace. For the money received, you can buy new games and items. An alternative option is specialized sites dedicated to trading. Their obvious advantage is the ability to withdraw money to a bank card, or an electronic purse. However, the choice of such a resource should be approached responsibly. Some of them are created by fraudsters in order to get your money.