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China Dota 2 Supermajor – Cartoony, but Serious as Hell

China Dota 2 Supermajor – Cartoony, but Serious as Hell

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We are approaching the “semi-final” of this Dota 2 pro season, the competition that can change it all. The Supermajor will be held in Shanghai from June 2 to 10. The final two days of the event will be hosted in the Yuanshen Gymnasium, next to the famous Yuanshen Sports Centre Stadium.

The best 16 teams will be competing for $1,500,000 prize money and 2250 DPC points.

There’s so many DPC points at stake that this one championship can overturn all the previous results and earn a ticket to The International even for teams who are starting from nothing.

For example, if compLexity Gaming, which currently has 135 DPC points, wins the tournament, the team will receive an additional 3,375 points and thus qualify for The International automatically. To obtain an invitation to The International, a team has to earn a minimum of 3,127 points this season. Because 3,375 points are awarded for winning The Supermajor, compLexity Gaming can secure their ticket to the most significant event of the season with just one victory.

Championship Details

Sixteen teams will fight to receive their invites or to snatch the last chance and avoid daunting open qualifiers. Ten teams receive direct invites, and six teams have to go through regional qualifiers.

Invited teams are:

  1. Virtus.Pro

  2. Team Liquid

  3. Team Secret

  4. Newbee

  5. Vici Gaming

  6. VGJ.Thunder

  7. Evil Geniuses

  8. Natus Vincere

  9. Mineski

  10. OpTic Gaming*

*OG was initially invited to the championship, but they had to decline their invitation, as they currently have no active roster after Fly and s4 left the team. Soon it was announced that the organizers invited OpTic Gaming to replace OG.

It seems like eSports organizations are trying to squeeze everything they have left from their players, as OG wasn’t the only one to change their active roster right before the competition. Na’Vi waved goodbye to LeBronDota and replaced him with velheor. Fear and Misery was kicked out of Evil Geniuses. They were replaced by s4 and Fly, former players of OG. It seems like Evil Geniuses will adopt a much bolder and calmer playing style now.

Both teams are, however, eligible to take part in the tournament, unlike OG.

Here is the list of the qualifier finalists:

  1. North America – VGJ.Storm

  2. South America – Infamous

  3. Europe – The Final Tribe

  4. CIS – Team Spirit

  5. China – PSG.LGD

  6. Southeast Asia – TNC Pro Team

Though most of the crews are Tier-2 championship regulars, we will also see some new faces. The Final Tribe, a team that won European qualifiers, might show some excellent Dota 2 skills.

China Dota 2 Supermajor Groups

Event Details

Group Stage comprises four groups with four teams in each. The contestants will play by GSL double-elimination systems with all matches being best of three. The two top teams from each group advance to the Upper Bracket of the playoffs, while the two bottom teams advance to the Lower Bracket. This part of the competition begins on June 2nd and ends June 4th. It’s notable that losing during the group stage won’t cost a team their place at the tournament, but only put them in the lower bracket.

The Main Event will be held from June 4th to June 10th, with only the last two days played in front of a live crowd. All matches will be by best of three in a double-elimination bracket. The grand finals will traditionally be best of five.

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