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The best spring CS:GO skins of 2022

Spring is here! Time to refresh your skin wardrobe and fill it with fresh, vibrant skins. Catch our selection and check prices for these and other skins on Skins.Cash.

Galil AR | Eco

A green-white, juicy skin will be a good solution for shooting at short and medium distances.

АК-47 | Wild Lotus

An impressive skin at an equally impressive price. Hand-painted, this skin takes us to the magical jungle, where the mysterious white lotus is hiding.

G3SG1| Green Apple 

Lovely skin with discreet color. It has individual parts spray painted in a green and black color scheme. 

SSG 08 | Spring Twilly

Real design work. This skin has many shades of green,just like a real spring day landscape in the park.

MP7 | Tall Grass

A versatile machine gun that is camouflaged. The tall grass print will be more successful than ever in close and long-range battles.

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