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The Best P2000 Skins in 2024

The Best P2000 Skins in 2024

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If a user wants to achieve real success in a game like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, they must learn to shoot with all kinds of weapons. Not many people remember, but by default, the standard gun in CS2 is not the USP-S, but the P2000. However, most gamers substitute it because shooting with this weapon is less accurate with lower killing power.

Only a minimal number of professional players continue to use this gun in tournaments. Of course, its low appeal affects the cost of P2000 skins. The figures will pleasantly surprise players, and are ideal for those without a large budget.

Dozens of different designs are available on the Steam platform and other gaming resources. Cool P2000 skins can be concise, bright and unique.

Interestingly, this type of gun on the first round is still more in demand than the Desert Eagle. Perhaps this is due to the fact that you don’t have to pay for it, and therefore there are funds left over for armor. Deagle Skins CS:GO, on the other hand, will please players, as there are manydesigns. The gun will surely be used in the match, as there will be no money for a fully-fledged machine gun in the first round for each side.

Top P2000 skins worth buying

There is a great variety of CS2 P2000 skins — more than 30 variations are on marketplaces. With each new case, players get at least one skin.

Each rating is subjective, but if one were to select a list of the best for this weapon, it would definitely include:

P2000 | Fire Elemental

P2000 Fire Elemental Among the P2000 skins on Counter-Strike, this one immediately stands out. The surface is completely painted in a blue gradient. In the central part of the gun you can see a fire cloud with eyes, which is quite atmospheric. The price of P2000 Fire Elemental skin is $4.30, and it is unlikely to change in the near future.

P2000 | Corticera

P2000 Corticera Looking at P2000 Corticera skin the player is transported into the jungle. The combination of colors is quite nice. The top cover has images related to the jungle, but the main surface is completely dark blue. The gamer will pay at least $2.65 for this gun.

P2000 | Turf

P2000 Turf The main advantage of P2000 Turf gun is the successful color combination. Light green, black and white look very confident and harmonious here. The price of such a treat starts at $0.12 and immediately reminds the player of grass. 

P2000 | Imperial Dragon

P2000 Imperial Dragon All P2000 skins deserve to be noticed. This one is no exception. The dragon, as for many CS2 weapons, is the central image. We can notice different shades of red and orange. The price of the P2000 Imperial Dragon weapon starts from $1.25.

P2000 | Pulse

P2000  Pulse If you want to buy an inexpensive but interesting item, this skin seems to be a great solution. Dark colors and mysterious patterns are the main features of Pulse. P2000 Pulse skin has a low price of $0.19.

P2000 | Handgun

Among the best P2000 skins P2000 Handgun is perfect. The blue and white colors are successfully combined. The inscription “BOOM” only adds to the design, and looks very modern. To get such a skin you will have to spend $0.30.

P2000 | Gnarled

P2000 Gnarled For $0.07, a player can usually only count on a monotonous design, but this is far from it. A nice combination of black and pink creates a positive atmosphere and adds confidence. P2000 Gnarled skin is quite new, released in 2020.

P2000 | Oceanic

P2000 Oceanic It would seem that the name of the skin speaks for itself. But in addition to associations with water, here you can see mysterious black patterns. P2000 Oceanic skins looks cool and stylish. At the same time, the gun is extremely cheap, namely $0.10.

P2000 | Obsidian

P2000 Obsidian Among the best P2000 skins for cheap, P2000 Obsidian skin is stylish and progressive. The whole surface of the gun is covered in tongues of flame. The gradient red color only adds an incredible charm to the weapon. The price of $0.32 is optimal.

P2000 | Acid Etched

P2000 Acid Etched Looking at this design one might think that it is among the most expensive P2000 skins, but it is far from it. The acid shades look cool, perfect for the Overpass location. The cost of P2000 Acid Etched skin is only $0.36.

P2000 | Amber Fade

P2000 Amber Fade Perhaps among the top P2000 skins, this one is included solely because of the successful color transition. First you look at one part of the gun and it’s all black, and the second part is already gold. P2000 Amber Fade skin Cool and unusual. And you have to spend $4.45 to buy it.

If you are interested in the overall rating of weapon skins, it is better to explore the list of the best weapon skins CS:GO. Here you will find some cool and memorable designs. It is interesting that you can earn good money on the subsequent sale of skins, if you understand the dynamics of price changes.