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Watch Out: Scammers! Fraudulent Websites Preying on Our Fame

Watch Out: Scammers! Fraudulent Websites Preying on Our Fame

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Skins.Cash is becoming more and more popular, which is good news. But as our fame grows, so does the number of scam websites abusing our corporate identity. Here’s a list of websites we identify as scammers:

These websites have ripped off our design and mechanics completely, misleading users and making them believe they are dealing with the original Skins.Cash. They also give our real social media links, so our support and SMM managers have to deal with a constant flow of complaints that has nothing to do with us.

The scam scheme is simple. Scammers pay for advertisements, so they pop up first when you google “sell skins” or something like this. Users see the familiar design and don’t check the domain name, and that’s exactly what the scammers are hoping for. After an unsuspecting user clicks “Get money,” there’s no way we can reverse the action, since your skins are already gone.

How to Stay Safe

Here are a few tips you can use to make sure that your hard-earned skins are safe, and you are going to sell them on the legit Skins.Cash.

  • Use only trusted services.

If you have a service that has proven itself as trustworthy, continue using it. Taking recommendations from friends is also fine, but pay attention to whom you are listening to – if it’s someone who asked you to befriend them only a couple of days ago, this may be dangerous.

  • Check the URL of the website every time.

This may sound like a tedious waste of time, but checking the domain name each time you access a site will become a good habit. This will save you money one day, and a lot of stress.

Stay tuned for more gaming news and keep your skins safe!