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How Skins.Cash Became Better in 2017: New Features and Updates

How Skins.Cash Became Better in 2017: New Features and Updates

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2017 was a challenging, yet fruitful year for our team. We managed to introduce new features and solve a couple of complicated problems. We hope that we managed to be an awesome service for you. Here is the list of the main things that changed during the last year.

1) Returned skins to CS:GO Lounge users.

After a controversial story with CS:GO Lounge, a lot of users were left dangling without their skins or money. To make it up to their clients, the website reached an agreement with Skins.Cash. Now our service is returning the skins to their rightful owners.

2) Introduced SkinPay.

Now you can purchase merchandise and pay for your favorite services in a faster and more convenient way. Skins.Cash has integrated a new payment system, allowing our users to pay with their skin inventories straight away, without spending time on selling skins first.

3) Integrated DigiPay.

Skins.Cash became partners with payment processing system DigiPay, allowing third-party services to integrate payments with skins easier and faster. We are working on expanding the possibilities for third-party services to integrate payment with skins and make the lives of avid gamers easier.

4) Developed our API.

To make the process of skin selling more comfortable for our wholesale clients, the Skins.Cash team has developed an API that allows you to automate the selling process. Now every user can download our API, set custom features and receive your payments on a regular basis. Planning your budget and investments will become a lot easier.

5) Enabled direct credit card payments.

A big update we are proud of – Skins.Cash has enabled Visa and MasterCard payments. Now you can withdraw money directly to your credit card, which means faster transactions and more convenient service. You no longer have to create new accounts on available payment systems and then re-transfer the money to your card. One click and everything’s on your main account.

6) Added AliPay and Ethereum payment systems.

More and more gamers from all over the world are using Skins.Cash, and we are working to make the service equally convenient for every client. In 2017 we added AliPay and Ethereum payment systems to create better options for money withdrawal for our users worldwide.

We plan to become even better this year, so stay with us and let’s make the gaming community an awesome place to belong to.