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How to make more money on skins?

Playing CS:GO, getting skins and selling them for real money… Sounds like a perfect day, doesn’t it? What if we said that you can also get bonuses for every trade you make on Skins.Cash, without any real effort on your part? We have many such opportunities that give you extra bonuses whenever you sell skins, plus other impressive features on our platform.

  • Referral program
  • Loyalty bonus
  • 10% bonus for a confirmed email
  • Giveaway
  • Donation
  • Wholesale
  1. Referral program
    Once you share your referral link you instantly start earning up to 2% on all trades from any user who joins Skins.Cash through your link.

Here’s how it works:

  • You share your referral link with your friend.
  • When your friend makes their first deal through Skins.Cash, he gets a bonus of up to 7%.
  • You then earn up to 2% of each deal done by your friend, not just the value from the first one. So whenever your friend sells skins on Skins.Cash – you receive up to 2% of his skins’ value.

The more you share, the higher your bonus gets.

2. Loyalty bonus
Earn even more with our loyalty bonus. If you want to get the best rates for your skins, we have introduced a cumulative bonus system. It gives you a chance to earn up to +10% more on each trade.

You just need to play CS:GO, Dota 2 or Team Fortress 2 and sell skins for real money on Skins.Cash. Your bonus will be increased automatically according to your rank. Your rank depends on your total deal value.

3. 10% bonus for a confirmed email
Verify your email and get a bonus, what could be easier? To use this bonus, just log in to Skins.Cash using your Steam account. You can either validate your email by going to your Profile page or do it directly on the Inventory page – just select the skins you want to sell and click on “Get cash now”, you will then be invited to confirm your email. After confirmation, an extra 10% will then be added to your deal.

4. Giveaway program
We love our users, so not only do we offer them bonuses, but also free CS:GO skins.

Take part in our giveaways by accomplishing simple tasks – for example, follow Skins.Cash on Twitter or TikTok. Each task gives you a varied amount of entries. The more entries you have, the greater your chances of winning.

5. Donation
Allow your friends to donate funds to your Skins.Cash account using in-game items.
First of all, you have to generate your donation link and share it with your friends and followers. You can give your donation link to friends who are also gamers and don’t know what to give you as a birthday present 🙂 By following your donation link, friends can donate any skins from their inventory and you then receive the money straight to your Skins.Cash balance – this means you can withdraw the funds using any of our available payment methods.
Also, if you are a game blogger then now you can offer your fans a new way to support you by using the Pay.Skins.Cash service. A donate button is also available.

6. Wholesale
If you are looking for a platform to sell skins in larger quantities, we have special offers for wholesalers. Send us an email to and we will offer our best conditions, earning you even bigger bonuses while making sure you get the best service to accompany your deals.

Now you know the many opportunities we offer to earn bonuses, free skins or earn a Skins.Cash advantage. What’s more, you can also use them all at the same time. Here at Skins.Cash we do everything to ensure that you, our members, have the best conditions available when using our platform. Want one last tip? Remember to follow our updates on social networks – as we regularly offer new updates of our bonus program.



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