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How to make more money selling skins

We are glad that you are interested and ready to earn more when selling skins? Below are some unique opportunities for you. Sell skins on Skins.Cash with ease.


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We know how the process of selling skins goes – usually, you look at the skins prices in Steam, weigh up the pros and cons, and then decide to sell. But the prices for skins are not stable and always go up and down on different sites. Therefore, we recommend relying on our internal data for the cost of skins in order to sell skins at their peak prices. We send this data to our subscribers on a weekly basis.

Evaluate the commission when withdrawing money

Different sites where you can sell skins instantly have different conditions. We recommend you look carefully not only at the skin price, but also the commission of the payment provider. Therefore, pay attention to sites without hidden fees to avoid unexpected costs and also estimate the commission percentage. For example, we managed to reduce the commission for withdrawing to a Visa card which has a minimum of 1 euro + 1.5%.

Look for a bonus on YouTube

We appreciate our partnership with major bloggers on YouTube and have many positive reviews from them. And often, bloggers put their Skins.Cash referral link with a bonus of up to 7% in the description box under the video. By clicking on this link, you can withdraw your cash with a nice bonus. 

Use the referral program

And now about how to find your own referrals. The peculiarity of our referral program is that the person who makes a transaction using your referral link remains your referral forever, so you will receive a percentage of their transaction as long as this happens on the Skins.Cash website. Surely you have a few gamer friends who don’t sell skins on Skins.Cash yet? Send them your referral link, and they, in turn, will receive a welcome bonus on their first trade. You can find your referral link here.

Be loyal to one site

Our site has a bonus system, the bonus from which grows with the amount of transactions on the site. The longer you stay with Skins.Cash, the higher your percentage and the higher the cost of your skins. You can find out your bonus by going into your inventory.


We hope that our tips will help you increase your income each time you sell skins. You can also mix multiple life hacks. And stay tuned for updates – new, even cooler features await you. Sell skins now on Skins.Cash.


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