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What You Need to Know About Dust 2 Callouts

What You Need to Know About Dust 2 Callouts

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The legendary Counter Strike series of computer games is over 20 years old. For many people, nostalgia is caused by the classic version of 1.6. Perhaps if you conduct a survey among active users about what map they run most often, most will choose de_dust2. Time passed, new versions of the presented multiplayer shooter appeared, but the demand for this location remained at the same level. Trends have not changed and after the release of the latest, to date, version, namely Global Offensive. It was immediately added to the official map pool, and therefore at the first tournaments, professional teams could choose the location as a competitive one. However, how to achieve real results with your team? Of course, you need to introduce a lot of tactics into the gameplay that can directly affect the process. Dust 2 callouts are an excellent solution to communication problems. After all, in this way, the player can at any moment pass on information to his teammate as to where the enemy is at a particular point in time. 

Dust 2 map

The individual success of the player as well as the potential of the team directly depends on the subtleties of movement on the map. Together with the experience the player will understand more precisely how his opponent should move at a certain moment, at what position he can be.

Even if the user does not like to play, but does not mind watching a match of famous teams live, then to understand the commentators it is desirable to learn a few basic Dust 2 callouts 2023. In the process of watching the matches there will be a clearer understanding of how to act in this or that situation, taking into account the experience of gamers with a long experience.

The name and location of the main Dust 2 positions

Given the history of this location it should be understood that players have long come up with a huge number of positions and gave them a name. The map itself in the Global Offensive version has been updated several times and now the differences between them are significant. Also, the developers in the face of Valve sometimes change certain places in CS GO Dust 2 map to make the teams’ chances of success more equal. For example, at the beginning of 2023, the company removed the review from T Spawn to Middle. As a result, it is now much more difficult for a sniper to kill his opponent who is running on B Site, as he has to jump down to do so. 

Dust 2 csgo map

If we talk about the name of the different points in more detail, it is:

  • T Spawn. The area where the terrorists start each round. Given the openness and mobility of this space, active action here can take place at any time.
  • CT Spawn. Accordingly, this is the point where the defense side begins its path. 
  • Mid. This is an extremely important area, which is often used for mass clashes between opponents. This area provides a great view to Short, through which an attack can pass to the A Site, or make a deceptive maneuver.
  • A Site, B Site. Bomb squad points. The A Zone is chosen most often, as it is easier to reach because it is less isolated from the defensive side.
  • Upper Tunnel. Approach to B Site. The easiest way to get to it is from T Spawn, but you can also use Middle.
  • The Lower Tunnel. This is a continuation of the previous position. To be in Lower you need to go down the stairs. Most often, this area is visible from Short, so the player needs to move carefully.
  • Xbox. This is a box that is located on the Middle. He will be able to get to the A-bomb position much faster.
  • Short. One of the options for moving towards the A Site. Often used in quick rounds when the attacking side has no money for expensive weapons.
  • Long. An extremely important area for both sides. If the terrorists plan to get to Site A, in most cases they will have to use this position. At the same time, it is imperative that the defense must prevent the opponent from carrying out such plans, otherwise it will be quite difficult to protect the zone from planting bombs.
  • Blue. The container that is located in front of the Long exit. A great place to hide from the enemy and think about how best to use the grenades.
  • Pit. One of the most optimal positions for the sniper of the attacking side. The fact is that from the pit opens up an excellent view of the A Site. For example, after the terrorists have laid a bomb, you can watch the defense from here.
  • Goose. This is the point that is located in the immediate vicinity of the bomb planting site. It gets its name from the picture of a bird on the wall of a building. In fact, among the Dust 2 CSGO callouts this is the only such point.
  • Ninja. An area located between the Short and A Site. It can be used as a defense to take out terrorists or to camouflage the attacking player after planting a bomb.
  • B Window. This spot has only recently become actively used. It is not checked often, so you can easily get a few kills and win the round for your team.
  • B Car. One of the points most often used by the special forces to protect the B Site from the enemy. It’s effective in that it’s quite difficult to kill the enemy in the head from here.
  • Close. An interesting position, which is used to meet the terrorists who are planning to get out of the Upper Lower. When the attacking side chooses a quick round, it doesn’t always check this point.
  • B Default. The optimal place to plant the bomb. This is due to the fact that the probability of being killed by the defending side decreases many times over.
  • B Doors. The most important place, as far as time is concerned, after the bomb is planted. It is most likely that the counter-terrorists will try to get to the B Site exactly through the doors, and therefore it is important to protect them.

These are not all the positions that may come in handy for the user and his team in matchmaking, or on the FaceIt platform. However, it is important for a beginner to know at least the presented CSGO new Dust 2 callouts to show adequate results.

Does a player with an understanding of Callouts have an advantage over a beginner

Many users believe that knowledge of tactical subtleties will not be useful in the game. After all, at the amateur level, teams often act intuitively and do not pay special attention to the organizational aspects. However, as practice shows, Dust 2 map callouts are a decisive factor in a team’s success. Even if your team wins only 2-3 rounds due to an understanding of positions and competent, communicative play, it is already an excellent demonstration of the need to learn points. Moreover, many locations have roughly the same structure, so once you understand the processes in Dust2, you can more quickly analyze possible tactics on other maps.