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Cash out to convenient payout methods

The Skins.Cash platform has a wide variety of withdrawal methods to make selling your skins even faster and easier. We will compare these various payment systems, so you can choose the best one for yourself.

Visa / Mastercard
The most popular payment method on our website. Withdrawal is available starting at €3. Payout is instant but sometimes can take up to 5 business days due to the peculiarities of payment processing by your bank.

Bitcoin / Etherium
For cryptocurrency fans, we also have an option. You can withdraw your money to Bitcoin or Ethereum. To do this, you need to enter your wallet number to instantly receive the money. Anonymous, as always.

Such methods allow you to withdraw money to your account in just a minute. Then you can leave funds on your account or withdraw money. The advantage of e-wallets is that thanks to this tool, you can make international payments and pay for services and goods using your balance in any country in the world. Skins.Cash includes some of the most popular wallets such as Payoneer, YooMoney (ex. YandexMoney), and WebMoney.

Bank wire
If you want to withdraw money to your bank account, this method will suit you. For example, you can send money to your deposit account and make savings using a bank transfer.

Skins.Cash balance
Due to the peculiarities of payment systems, most of them have a minimum withdrawal threshold which usually starts at $1. With the help of your Skins.Cash balance you can withdraw any amount starting from $0.01 to your personal Skins.Cash balance. And after you have accumulated the minimum amount for withdrawal in real money, you can cash out your Skins.Cash balance without any problems.

Mobile balance (only for Russia and Ukraine)
Just select “Mobile” and enter your phone number to top up your mobile balance. After confirming the transaction in Steam, your mobile account will be replenished.

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