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Stop the Presses Quest in BG3

Stop the Presses Quest in BG3

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In the captivating world of Baldur’s Gate 3, players are presented with a multitude of quests that challenge their wits and resourcefulness. Among these is the intriguing “Stop the Presses” quest, a mission that delves into the realm of propaganda and media manipulation. Prepare to embark on a covert operation that will test your stealth abilities and your determination to reclaim your reputation within the city.

Unveiling the Catalyst: The Slanderous Article

complete-the-stop-the-presses-quest-in-baldurs-gate-3 Your adventure begins with an encounter with Estra Stir, a journalist stationed near the Basilisk Gate waypoint in the Lower City. She reveals a disquieting truth – the upcoming edition of the renowned Baldur’s Mouth newspaper is poised to feature a scathing article that tarnishes your standing within the city. This defamatory piece, fueled by the nefarious influence of Lord Gortash and his Steel Watchers, threatens to paint you as a villain in the eyes of the populace.

The Countdown Begins

bg3-stop-the-presses-estra-stir-location Time is of the essence, as the next long rest you take will mark the printing of this slanderous edition. If you fail to intervene before then, the damage to your reputation may be irreparable. Estra’s warning serves as a call to action, urging you to take decisive steps to alter the narrative before it’s too late. bg3-stop-the-presses-estra-stir-introduction

Infiltrating the Baldur’s Mouth: A Covert Operation

bg3-stop-the-presses-baldurs-mouth-location The path to rectifying this injustice lies within the very heart of the Baldur’s Mouth newspaper itself. Located west of your initial encounter with Estra, this establishment is a bastion of information – and a fortress you must breach. Approaching the editor, Ettvard Needle, with a request to change the headline will only result in your swift expulsion, leaving you with no choice but to resort to more clandestine measures. bg3-stop-the-presses-ettvard-needle

Stealth and Subterfuge: Scaling the Rooftops

bg3-stop-the-presses-route-to-roof-entrance For this mission, it is advisable to proceed with your most stealthy party member. On the southern side of the Baldur’s Mouth, you’ll discover a rooftop accessible by a well-timed jump. From there, a series of wooden platforms will guide you upwards, leading you to the building’s summit. Keep a watchful eye for a wooden barricade on the south-east corner of the rooftop – breaking through this barrier will grant you access to the basement elevator, your gateway into the heart of the operation. bg3-stop-the-presses-destructible-barricade

bg3-stop-the-presses-cellar-elevator Should you have yet to dismantle the Steel Watch Foundry, your infiltration will be complicated by the presence of Steel Watchers patrolling the corridors. Fear not, for with careful observation and strategic maneuvering, you can evade their watchful eyes. Follow the first Steel Watcher north along the corridor, ducking into the room straight ahead. Within this room’s back corner, you’ll find movable boxes and a barricade – break through, and you’ll gain access to the next chamber. Be sure to secure the “Make Big Money by Trading with Adventurers” story from the Wicker Basket, as it may prove useful later. bg3-stop-the-presses-sneaking-by-a-steel-satcher When the time is right, trail the second Steel Watcher south, down the corridor and into the main printing press room. Your objective is now within reach.

Altering the Headlines: Reclaiming Your Narrative

bg3-stop-the-presses-new-headline At the heart of this quest lies the enchanted printing press, a mystical entity that holds the key to reshaping the narrative. If you were fortunate enough to rescue Dolly Dolly Dolly, the pixie trapped within Kar’niss’ Moon Lantern during Act 2, the press will offer its assistance free of charge, recognizing you as a friend. However, should you engage in dialogue with the press and then attempt to reopen the conversation, you may encounter a glitch where it appears to have forgotten your previous encounter. In such a case, you’ll need to convince the press to aid you through persuasion or coercion.

Convincing the Printing Press

If you did not rescue Dolly Dolly Dolly, you have two options at your disposal:

  1. Deception or Intimidation: Utilize a Deception or Intimidation check with a difficulty rating of 15 to persuade the magical press to lend its aid.
  2. Sleight of Hand or Athletics: Alternatively, you can instruct the magical creature to vacate the press, allowing you to remove the negative headline yourself using a Sleight of Hand or Athletics check with a difficulty rating of 20.

Implementing the New Headline

Regardless of the path you choose, you’ll need to have a replacement headline in your inventory when you first engage with the press. If you rescued Dolly Dolly Dolly, ensure you have the new headline ready to slot in immediately. If not, you can find the “Adventurers, Our Best Hope For the City” headline in the Wicker Basket behind the press, offering another favorable option.

Once the new headline is in place, retrace your steps, scaling the elevator back to the roof and descending the wooden platforms to the street below. Your mission is now complete, and the truth will soon be revealed.

Reaping the Rewards: Restoring Your Reputation

With the next long rest, the altered edition of the Baldur’s Mouth will be printed, and you can claim a copy from any of the paperboys scattered throughout the city. To savor the triumph fully, seek out Estra Stir and Ettvard Needle once more, reveling in the opportunity to rub your success in their faces.

Additional Quests and Collectibles

  • As you navigate the intricate world of Baldur’s Gate 3, keep an eye out for other quests and collectibles that will enrich your experience:
  • Soul Coins: Uncover the elusive Soul Coins scattered throughout the realm.
  • Infernal Iron: Gather the Karlach collectibles, imbued with the power of infernal iron.
  • Owlbear Cub: Embark on a heartwarming journey to befriend the adorable owlbear bird.
  • Find Halsin: Unravel the mystery surrounding the whereabouts of the enigmatic bear, Halsin.
  • Defiled Temple: Solve the perplexing moon puzzles within the defiled temple.

With each challenge overcome and each secret unveiled, you’ll unravel the tapestry of Baldur’s Gate 3, weaving your own legendary tale within its captivating narrative.