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Best autumn Rust skins

Enjoy autumn with Rust skins 🍂 Check out our pick of the most autumnal Rust skins. The price of these skins is going up, so check their value on Skins.Cash.

Bombing Sleeping Bag

Surviving without a warm sleeping bag, even in the fall, is practically impossible. We recommend this bright nice skin for style and comfort.

Lowpoly Furnace

A classic furnace that will keep you warm while you save up your lives in Rust. Ideal for cold nights.

Riqqeloff Bearskin Rug

Yes, we survive and no, this does not mean that we need to forget about comfort. And such a rug will bring a fall vibe and a special atmosphere.

No Mercy Jacket

Warm jacket in a neutral color. You don’t want to be noticed, do you?

Leather Boonie Hat

A hat for the true adventure lover and post-apocalyptic fashionista.

Forest Raiders Pants

Cool pants to help you blend in with the trees.


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