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BG3 Suspicious Sounds in Moonrise Tower

BG3 Suspicious Sounds in Moonrise Tower

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Moonrise Tower, one of the significant locations in BG3, is the setting where players confront Ketheric Thorm. The intriguing part of this location is the mysterious sound that the Moonrise Tower inhabitants can guide you to. Uncovering this sound’s source may be challenging, but it’s worth investigating as it provides crucial plot details.

How to Discover the BG3 Suspicious Sounds

To unlock the mystery of the BG3 suspicious sounds, initiate a conversation with Mig, an orc found in the main hall. Despite disbelief from the other followers of Absolute, Mig will speak about unusual meat-like noises. A trace of slime observed near the fireplace on the throne room’s entrance side gives you a hint about the sound’s direction. “The slime near the fireplace can guide you to the source of the mysterious sound.”

Interaction and Consequences

bg3-how-to-find-the suspicious-sound.jpg Interacting with the Cracked Wall, where the slime drips, gives options to either probe the tentacle-filled hole or to retreat. Succumbing to curiosity leads to the tentacles attempting to pull you inside, with a chance to escape if you successfully pass a Strength, Dexterity, or Sleight of Hand check.

Encountering the Absolute in BG3

Choosing to interact with the tentacles initiates a dialogue with the Absolute. The Absolute reveals that it is under the control of the Chosen Three, and only you have the power to liberate it.

The Illithid Oubliette and Hook Horrors

Once the dialogue concludes and you allow the tentacles to pull you in again, you’ll be transported to the illithid oubliette. Here, you’ll face multiple Hook Horrors that you must overcome to proceed further.

Moonrise Towers Prison

bg3-moonrise-tower.jpg After defeating the Hook Horrors and escaping the illithid oubliette, you’ll find yourself in Moonrise Towers Prison. This is a critical juncture in the game, and your actions here will significantly influence your journey in BG3.

Best Class Builds in BG3

In BG3, the best class builds can significantly improve your gaming experience. For instance, the Warlock build relies heavily on the Great Old One for powers, while the Rogue build leverages the Thief subclass for more Sneak Attack and Offhand opportunities.

About the Game Developer

Larian Studios, an acclaimed game developer and the brain behind BG3, is known for creating immersive RPG experiences. Their dedication to intricate detailing and plot development is evident in the captivating world of Baldur’s Gate 3.


Baldur’s Gate 3 offers an engaging gaming experience, and the BG3 suspicious sounds in Moonrise Tower add an element of mystery to the overall gameplay. With this guide, you are now equipped to uncover the source of these sounds and progress further in your BG3 journey. Happy gaming!