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Where to get the Everburn Blade in BG3

Where to get the Everburn Blade in BG3

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The quest for powerful artifacts is a core aspect of the journey in Baldur’s Gate 3, with the BG3 flame blade standing out as a coveted weapon for many adventurers. This flaming sword not only offers an aesthetic appeal with its blazing edge but also provides significant advantages in combat, making it a sought-after item for players looking to enhance their arsenal. The importance of such unique items in Baldur’s Gate 3 cannot be understated, as they often tip the scales in challenging encounters, and the flame blade is no exception. bg3-where-to-get-the-everburn-blade

This article will guide readers through the process of locating the Everburn Blade, a specific bg3 flame blade, detailing the steps necessary to confront and defeat Commander Zhalk, the formidable foe guarding it. Preparation strategies before facing this adversary, tactics for the battle itself, and advice on how to effectively loot and utilize this flaming sword will be discussed. By the conclusion, players should have a clear roadmap on how to add the BG3 flame blade to their collection, further enriching their experience in the expansive world of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Where to Find the Everburn Blade

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The Everburn Blade, a powerful weapon in Baldur’s Gate 3, is obtainable early in the game and is guaranteed to drop from Commander Zhalk. To secure this flaming sword, adventurers must navigate the initial challenges aboard the Mind Flayer Nautiloid. Here’s a step-by-step guide to acquiring the Everburn Blade:

  1. Free the Intellect Devourer: Early in the game, players should release the Intellect Devourer, which provides valuable assistance in upcoming battles.
  2. Advance to the Helm: Progress through the Nautiloid to the helm, where Commander Zhalk is located. Prepare for combat by clearing the area of other enemies.
  3. Utilize the Command Spell: Players with a Cleric or Warlock should use the Command spell to force Zhalk to drop the Everburn Blade. If the initial attempt fails, save and reload until successful.
  4. Engage Zhalk in Combat: If not using the Command spell, players should engage Zhalk directly. Use spells and skills to buff the party and deal damage. Once Zhalk is defeated, quickly pick up the Everburn Blade.
  5. Secure the Blade: Ensure the blade is in the inventory of a player-controlled character and proceed to the transponder to complete the escape from the Nautiloid. By following these steps, players can add the Everburn Blade to their arsenal, significantly boosting their combat capabilities in the early stages of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Preparation Before Facing Commander Zhalk

Before engaging Commander Zhalk in Baldur’s Gate 3, players should carefully select their party and prepare essential spells. The recommended party members include Lae’zel and Shadowheart, who provide a robust combination of melee strength and magical support. Lae’zel’s abilities, such as Pommel Strike and Rush Attack, can disrupt Zhalk’s balance, while Shadowheart’s spells like Guiding Bolt and Inflict Wounds deal significant damage.

Essential Buffs and Spells

  1. Command Spell: Crucial for forcing Zhalk to drop his sword, enhancing your tactical advantage.
  2. Shield of Faith and Bless: These buffs increase your party’s defense and attack capabilities, essential for surviving Zhalk’s powerful assaults.
  3. Healing and Protective Spells: Ensure Shadowheart is prepared with spells like Healing Word and Shield of Faith to maintain party stamina and defense.

Additionally, employing strategic positioning, such as keeping Lae’zel on the frontline with enhanced speed, allows for aggressive engagement while minimizing risk to weaker party members. Preparation is key to mastering this challenging encounter.

Strategies to Defeat Commander Zhalk


Before the battle begins, ensure that Shadowheart is freed and Us the Intellect Devourer is on your side for added support. Strategically position Shadowheart near the transponder console with a good ranged attack but avoid interaction until necessary. Begin the encounter by saving the game and eliminating all minions first, as Zhalk will be preoccupied with the Mind Flayer.

Positioning and Battle Tactics

Position your characters to maximize their effectiveness. Place a character with strong ranged attacks near the transponder console and have others spam their most powerful attacks on Commander Zhalk. Keep at least one character close but out of melee range. Zhalk, engaged with the Mind Flayer, will not initially counter your attacks, allowing you to focus on reducing his 150 HP. Utilize Radiant Damage or similar effects, as Zhalk has high defenses and resistance to non-magical and elemental damage.

Handling Additional Enemies

On the fifth turn, anticipate the arrival of two Cambions. Before they join the battle, ensure that Zhalk’s health is significantly reduced. Use tactical positioning to manage these new threats without allowing them to overwhelm your party. If the Mind Flayer appears to gain the upper hand, balance the attack between it and Zhalk to prevent either from becoming too weak, which could complicate the battle dynamics. Prioritize Commander Zhalk to exploit his focus on the Mind Flayer and secure a strategic advantage.

Looting and Utilizing the Flaming Sword


Once Commander Zhalk is defeated, players can claim the Everburn Blade from his inventory. This unique weapon, looted directly from the battlefield, is a Martial Two-Handed Melee Weapon and requires proficiency in either Greatsword or Martial Weapons to wield effectively.

Character Compatibility

The Everburn Blade is compatible with characters that have the necessary weapon proficiency. It is especially beneficial for brawny fighters like Lae’zel or Karlach, enhancing their combat capabilities significantly. Players should ensure the character picking up the weapon can fully utilize its potential, keeping in mind that any character can carry it in their inventory post the Nautiloid crash.

Everburn Blade Stats and Effects

The Everburn Blade is an uncommon greatsword that deals 2d6 slashing damage plus an additional 1d4 fire damage, thanks to its perpetual fiery enchantment. This weapon is non-dippable, meaning its fire cannot be extinguished or enhanced by external sources. It weighs 2.7 kg and is valued at 240 GP. Its unique feature, the ever-burning flame, provides a consistent fire damage bonus, making it a formidable weapon against enemies with slashing resistance, like the cambions encountered during the Prologue.


Through this guide, the quest for the Everburn Blade, a BG3 flame blade, has been clearly illuminated, underscoring the imperative steps for locating, obtaining, and effectively wielding this powerful artifact within Baldur’s Gate 3. The tactical guidance provided, from strategically freeing the Intellect Devourer to engaging Commander Zhalk with a combination of spells and melee prowess, exemplifies the meticulous preparation and execution required to succeed in this ambitious endeavor. The significance of such artifacts transcends mere aesthetic appeal, offering substantial combat advantages that can dramatically alter the course of players’ adventures in the expansive and challenging world of the game.

The broader implications of acquiring the Everburn Blade highlight an essential aspect of gameplay strategy in Baldur’s Gate 3, encouraging players to explore, engage, and conquer with insight and tenacity. This guide not only serves to equip adventurers with the knowledge to add an exceptional weapon to their arsenal but also enriches their overall experience by demonstrating the importance of strategy, preparation, and adaptability. As players continue to navigate the myriad challenges and mysteries of Baldur’s Gate 3, the Everburn Blade stands as a testament to what can be achieved through perseverance and tactical acumen, setting the stage for further exploration and triumphs in this riveting journey.