Accept payment by skins.

In-game items cost money.

Use Pay.Skins.Cash - let your customers pay with skins for your product or service.

Do you have an online store or a site with paid services?

Connect our service through an API from Pay.Skins.Cash so your customers can pay with their in-game items in just a few clicks. You will receive funds for the payment instantly - our system automatically buys skins and transfers the funds to your Skins.Cash balance where you can then withdraw the money.

Paying with skins is fast and convenient. With Pay.Skins.Cash gamers will be able to purchase goods or services on their favorite sites in minutes. There is no need to remember any logins or payment details for these services - a Steam account is the only thing needed for the payment to proceed.

Our advantages

Founded ico Founded in 2016, we are working with several large services and platforms to implement Pay.Skins.Cash technology. Including:

Secure ico Our system is fast and secure. We do not receive any personal payment information from your customers.

Reputation ico We value our reputation. The Skins.Cash platform, which forms the basis of this integration, has more than 7000 positive reviews on Trustpilot.

How to get an API from Pay.Skins.Cash:

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    Let's start

    Fill out the form. Your data on monthly user traffic will significantly speed up the decision-making process.

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    Working process

    Get a reply by email if your request has been approved. In this case, you will receive detailed information about the payment system and all documentation.

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    The result?

    Accept payment with skins and get even more satisfied customers.

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