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Rarest Overwatch Skins

Rarest Overwatch Skins

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Overwatch 2 is a popular game that became available to users in a free format at the end of 2022. It attracts attention with its extraordinary performance, characters, and their unique abilities. Each player can change the appearance of their favorite hero by using the rarest Overwatch 2 skins. With the help of stylish and unusual items, users stand out and express their confidence, enjoy the unusual appearance of the character, and participate in spectacular battles.

Rare items are good because they are not seen on the characters in every battle. The most rare Overwatch 2 skins generate admiration for the character’s appearance among teammates and opponents.

Top 15 Rarest Skins for Overwatch 2 Characters

Items can change the character’s image completely, instilling confidence in the player’s abilities. Accordingly, it is easier for the user to cope with difficulties arising on the battlefield, and adapt to the virtual realities of battle. That is why even beginners know what is the rarest skin in Overwatch 2. The top 15 products that enjoy popularity among players are listed below:

  1. Pink Mercy
  2. Alien Zarya
  3. BlizzCon Bastion
  4. Noire Widowmaker
  5. Brigitte’s Medic Skin
  6. BlizzCon Winston
  7. Demon Hunter Sombra
  8. Strike Commander Morrison
  9. Officer D.Va
  10. Oni Genji
  11. Florida Mayhem 2018 Baptiste
  12. OWL ‘away’ skins
  13. Sprinter Tracer
  14. Weightlifter Zarya
  15. Kerrigan Widowmaker.

The items and why they are popular is briefly discussed below. Read more to decide which skin you want to add to your collection.

Kerrigan Widowmaker

Kerrigan Widowmaker This skin for Overwatch was released as part of Starcraft’s 20th anniversary in 2018. Users found a reference to Sarah Kerrigan in it. To get the skin, it was required to enter the game before the end of the event (it lasted almost a month). However, it became the rarest item, as it was not even received by some experienced users.

Weightlifter Zarya

Weightlifter Zarya The 2016 Summer Olympics were marked by the appearance of a new skin. The products appeared on several characters but the most popular one is considered to be Weightlifter Zarya. The idea found success, as the skin completely corresponded to the character of the hero. The developer demonstrated steel muscles and added brightness with the help of the color red.

Sprinter Tracer

Sprinter Tracer This is another rare skin inspired by the 2016 Olympics. The fastest and sharpest fighter on the battlefield received a new item to take possession of the gold medal. The product perfectly complements the hero’s image and adds a touch of glamor and gloss. Fighting on the battlefield, the character will distract opponents by waving his country’s flag, which is used as a cape.

Florida Mayhem 2018 Baptiste

Florida Mayhem 2018 Baptiste Florida Mayhem 2018 Baptiste stands out among rare Overwatch 2 skins. This is because the league released team jerseys that season, which were not initially favored by players. However, in 2020, the color palette was changed, and this attracted attention. As a result, the popularity and rarity of the skin is increasing.

Officer D.Va

Officer D.Va The skin was an incentive for those who stayed for the second week of Heroes of the Storm matches. However, it was more challenging to get it. Oni Genji was granted for battles against artificial intelligence. Officer D. Va was only available to players who dared to fight against real opponents.

There are rumors that the skin caused a somewhat negative reaction because of its similarity to the U.S. police uniform. Some fans suggest that the developer wanted to point out the cruelty of the force.

Strike Commander Morrison

Strike Commander Morrison Users who managed to subscribe to the Overwatch: Origins Edition received the game and a lot of additional content. This included exclusive skins for important characters. To give you an idea, Morrison was the first Overwatch commander. After his death, he was reborn as Soldier: 76. The story is quite complex, yet, true fans know it all. And they don’t mind dressing up their heroes as the legend demands it.

Demon Hunter Sombra

Demon Hunter Sombra This is a legendary skin owned by a limited number of players. This is attributed to the small number of events where the item could be unlocked. The product was provided as a reward for active users who purchased in-game currency. It became a reference to the Diablo project. The skin was available to players twice—in 2018 and 2019.

BlizzCon Winston

BlizzCon Winston The skin was presented in 2017. It looks somewhat unusual since the developer endowed the superintelligent monkey with blue armor. The only way to get the item was to buy a ticket to the event (battle pass). Naturally, the event ended long ago and there is no possibility to enrich your collection of skins in the standard way. However, you can purchase it from other players. Entrepreneurial users charge about $200 for a virtual garment. If you are ready for such an expense, you can easily become the owner of this rare skin.

Brigitte’s Medic Skin

Brigitte’s Medic Skin Participating in events to get a skin is too easy. The developer offered another method to help users replenish their collections of items. Whether it is good or not, each gamer will draw conclusions independently.

The point is that the developer activated the Medic Brigitte promotion to generate excitement around Overwatch 2. At the same time, Blizzard Studios negotiated with popular streamers for them to play a certain number of matches. This is where the most interesting part begins. Users had to buy three monthly Twitch subscriptions to the streamer to receive one of the rarest OW2 skins during the promotion. In the end, the cost to acquire the item amounted to approximately $15.

Noire Widowmaker

Noire Widowmaker This is an exclusive skin with challenges in obtaining it. It was provided only to players who pre-ordered Origins Edition. Together with the game, the users received a code to unlock a unique item.

The bright red corset and massive braids are a manifestation of the traditional restraint from a new perspective. The best sniper will have an extraordinary appearance, knocking out opponents through target shooting, as well as the image of a vamp woman.

BlizzCon Bastion

BlizzCon Bastion The skin was presented in 2016. It looks great through the use of cold shades, the glow of some elements, and instant light reflection. Your hero will dazzle opponents and liberate the world, boldly advancing towards the goal. Currently, there are no tickets available to participate in legendary battles that could enable users to unlock the skin. However, business-minded gamers didn’t waste their item access codes and are now selling them for $900–$1,000.

Alien Zarya

Alien Zarya Many users were able to discover an alien version of the character. The skin was created as part of the 2019 BOWL MVP celebration. Each season, the award is given to one player, and this time Sinatraa was the lucky winner. However, he was eventually implicated in a sex scandal. Due to such a negative display, it is unlikely that the skin will ever be made freely available again.

Pink Mercy

Pink Mercy Among exclusive Overwatch 2 skins, we should definitely mention Pink Mercy. The item was part of a promotional campaign where players could unlock it in a simple way. They had to make a donation to the Breast Cancer Foundation. The skin can be called one of the best, as it was inspired by charity. It will most likely be the only product that serves such a meaningful purpose.