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Best CS:GO Maps 2022

Counter-Strike is a major chapter in the evolution of the esports industry. Since the introduction of version 1.0 until today, many versions have been released. CSGO map lists practically do not differ from the ones that were available to players in version 1.6. However, developers are actively creating new locations for users. Each update of the legendary shooter contains about 3-4 new maps. We are talking about CSGO maps for 5*5 and 2*2 modes. As a rule, they do not stay in the map pool for a long time and after the next update they are replaced by other maps. This is due to the fact that Valve does not have the ability to add many locations to the official map pool for the professional scene.

Many players who are just starting their journey in Global Offensive wonder what the best CS maps are. If we consider this situation on a large scale, then it all depends on the preferences of each player. For example, on the FaceIt platform, only eight maps are available to customers. We are talking about seven locations of the official map pool, as well as Train, which continues to be in demand among the target audience.

Which Maps in CS:GO Can be Called the Best

Of course, the best of anything is subjective to the author. Many players  for example wonder how to switch hands in CSGO, since the standard position of the weapon in the right hand is inconvenient for some people. The same situation is observed in relation to the maps. However, if we analyze the general attitude of the community to existing locations, then the following can be called the best:

  • Mirage. Probably the most controversial location in the map pool. This is due to the fact that most active gamers are already tired of it. In matchmaking and FaceIt, more than a third of matches are played on it. The reason for such great popularity is that this Counter-strike map is intuitive. Also, almost any computer will have high FPS. There have been rumors lately that it could be replaced with an updated Tuscan, or a Cobblestone. Will the community accept this decision?
  • Office. This is a hostage rescue map. An army of fans formed around it. They choose either this location from all CSGO maps, or alternatively Agency. This option is only suitable for users who prefer matchmaking. For FaceIt customers, only maps where a bomb needs to be planted are offered Interestingly, this is the only winter location on the list.
  • Ancient. If you look at CS:GO trends in recent years, you will notice that new maps get into the official map pool very rarly. This location is an exception. Players immediately liked the external resemblance to the legendary de_aztec map. Many professional teams immediately began to actively use it, and therefore now it is one of the most popular on the scene. In addition, under it, you can easily choose the best skins. If a certain item does not suit the user, he can sell CSGO skins through the Steam Workshop.
  • Tuscan. The release of this map has been awaited by millions of users for several years. It was popular back in the days when Counter Strike 1.6 was relevant on the professional scene. Already from the presentation, you can understand that the players will have a bright and progressive location where they will have a good time with friends.
  • Nuke. Among the best CSGO maps, the target audience has never offered to replace this location. This is due to the fact that everything is balanced here. Shootouts take place both on the street and in buildings, above and below ground. On the other hand, it is worth noting that a bright location with modern graphics leads to a decrease in FPS on many computers.


  • Overpass. This is the map that is close to absolutely everyone. The usual life scenes are available in it: parks, houses, trains, etc. Unlike the fantasy Dust, or Mirage, this location reminds the gamer of what is happening outside his window.


  • Anubis. This map looked pretty interesting after it appeared in the matchmaking map pool. Outwardly, it resembled Dust2, or Mirage, if we talk about the color palette. There were rumors that it might be added to the professional scene. However, this could not be realized due to the large scale of the map.
  • Shortdust (2*2). Unfortunately, the original Dust cannot be found in classic matchmaking. Instead, players use the more popular Dust2. At the same time, the smaller version was ideal for Wingman mode. Unlike most locations, on this map players can feel comfortable both in terms of attack and defense.
  • Inferno (2*2). In this mode, point A is open to users. Therefore, it is rather difficult for terrorists to get to the site if they use only short or long. Many experienced gamers use the house to take the enemy by surprise.


  • Vertigo (2*2). If the classic version of this location for the 5×5 game causes a lot of criticism from users, then this option has found its audience.

This is the list of the most popular CS:GO map, which are most in demand among modern players today. Dust2 was deliberately not added to this list. This location was popular among players back in the days of version 1.6, and therefore it makes no sense to talk about the cult map once again.

Each player has his own top of the best locations. In order to be sure of the card quality, you can run a warm-up. If the user wishes to complete it, he can only enter  command to end warmup CS:GO: sv_cheats 1 and mp_warmup_end.

The Best Maps for Surfing in CS:GO

Do not forget that in addition to the classic maps, a large selection of locations for surfing training was launched. This direction of the game in Counter Strike: Global Offensive is very popular among players. The best CS:GO surf maps should include:

  • surf_utopia_v3;
  • surf_ski_2_go;
  • surf_summer;
  • surf_beginner;
  • surf_utopia_v3;
  • surf mesa recreation.

You can find a huge number of such maps in the Steam Workshop. All of them differ in complexity and visuals. In the process of training aim and understanding the game, you cannot refuse to surf. Practice allows the user to make their movements more fluid. 15–20 minutes a day will allow the user to significantly improve his skill, which will also affect his results in rating games. Read more about CS GO surf maps.


Summing up, we can conclude that the most popular online shooter in the world continues to develop. As a result, new locations appear that are sure to arouse interest among active gamers. Every user will have their own opinion on CS:GO best maps Some users like to run hostage rescue maps while others prefer to plant the bomb.



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