Artifact – a Dota 2 card game

On November 28

Valve releases its newest game, named Artifact. This will be a card game, based on the Dota 2 universe.

The gaming community is awaiting this release with great anticipation! It’s well known that Valve produces extraordinary games: Half-Life, Portal, CS:GO, Team Fortress 2, and Dota 2. Also, it’s quite interesting to see what Valve is able to do on the card games market with Hearthstone, a brilliant product from Blizzard. This competition is especially wonderful because both games have deep roots in the universe of Warcraft.

In Artifact, players use decks with cards of units (heroes and creeps), various spells and items. There are three playing boards in the game, which represent lanes of Dota 2. Using the power of their cards, players should defeat their opponent’s units and destroy two towers on two lanes, or a tower and the Ancient on one lane.

The rules of Artifact may seem complicated unless you begin actually playing it – then everything falls into place, you really understand the game, and go deep into strategies and decks.

This game costs almost $20 on Steam. After the purchase, you get the basic card set. Some additional cards can be obtained from the playing process. Artifact cards are tradeable, so you can sell excess elements of your collection for real money.

Sell Artifact cards to…

… get rid of duplicates. If you get identical cards from the game, you might need to clear your collection. Why keep cards you don’t use?
… get money for new cards. Luck is so unpredictable – don’t wait for a nice card from the game, buy it for real money. But first, earn by selling cards you don’t need at all.
… get money for anything you want. Get profit from your playing time and use it to purchase new games, virtual items, some goods and services. Money is money – it opens various possibilities.
… leave the game with style. Your Artifact collection is precious and valuable. It brought you lots of positive emotions and might be exchanged for cash if you decide to stop playing and move forward in your gaming life.

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