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7070 Reviews

8 months ago
Received the money in 20 mins
Received the money in 20 mins! but it was a high ammount.

Support checked my transaction and got accepted instantly.
Matt Kt
8 months ago
Instant money
Instant money, very surprised with how good the service is. Using again as we speak
Simeon Sulc
8 months ago
Сайт топ
Сайт в полне отличный, бывают моменты, когда деньги идут долго либо вообще не приходят, но поддержка всегда Вам поможет. #Jack
Александр Кобыльников
8 months ago
отличная тех.поддержка.
отличная тех.поддержка.
думал что потерял скины(ввел не правильный кошелек для вывода денег).
написал в вк все моментально справили. #Jack
8 months ago
Большие суммы денег переводят…
Большие суммы денег переводят практически мгновенно и без обмана! Топ сайт!
Егор Винокуров
8 months ago
alles geklappt
alles geklappt, geld sofort da.
8 months ago
excellent I help myself a lot I give it…
excellent I help myself a lot I give it 5 stars I support myself in the whole process I recommend it
Gian Marco
8 months ago
He was very kind and helped me.He…
He was very kind and helped me.He answered very quickly and was helpful! #Jack
8 months ago
деньги пришли почти моментально
деньги пришли почти моментально
Павел Степанов
8 months ago
отличные саппорты
Я накосячил со счётом оплаты, деньги никому не дошли, саппорты поняли проблему и всё перевели на нужный счёт, да, платят маловато, но уровень поддержки всё нивелирует, ставлю 5 с +
Makarrov we
8 months ago
Excelent! Fast and receive all the money.
Blue Bob
8 months ago
Всё по честному без обмана
8 months ago
All perfect
All perfect, it isn't scam
Diego Fernandez
8 months ago
best site to sell skins
got my money instantly
zsolteee ‍
8 months ago
Very fast trading and cash transfer via…
Very fast trading and cash transfer via PayPal within minutes.
Always my pleasure. :)
Andre Bruchhardt
8 months ago
Оперативно и быстро получил помощь
Оперативно и быстро получил помощь, сотрудник был вежливым, огромное спасибо!#Jack
8 months ago
It goes so easy and I love the service of this place I will
use in the feature
Esben Isaksen
8 months ago
So very very good boiz)
So very very good boiz)
Loculus Lee
8 months ago
Amazing customer service
Amazing customer service
Jamie J. Hall
8 months ago
Thanks for help
Thanks for help #Jack
8 months ago
Быстро ответили и решили проблему
Деньги пришли сразу.
Maxim Moskalev
8 months ago
Всё быстро и качественно,спасибо сайту…
Всё быстро и качественно,спасибо сайту и админам,вы лучшие!
8 months ago
Сайт очень хороший
Сайт очень хороший, выплаты приходят быстро. Поддержка у сайта отличная. #Jack
Слава Виш
8 months ago
Хорошие и добрые админы
Хорошие и добрые админы, исправляют многие ошибки пользовптелей. Люблю вас <3
8 months ago
Great website and amazing customer…
Great website and amazing customer service #Jack
Nina Blake
8 months ago
really quick to sell your item
really quick to sell your item
Afrialdo Daffa
8 months ago
brilliant site
absolutely shocked that it worked spent 30 mins or so looking on the internet to see if this site was legit and it was got the money to my paypal with 5 to 15 minutes and the customer support was instant and very helpful thanks to #Jack will use this site in the future
Rees Collop
8 months ago
Good support :D #Jack
Good support :D #Jack
8 months ago
Выплата была очень быстрая на Webmoney
Выплата была очень быстрая на Webmoney
всем рекомендую, НЕ ВЕДИТЕСЬ НА САЙТЫ С минимальной комиссией ! Пользуйтесь только проверенными сервисами как этот
Павел Жолнер
8 months ago
Очень быстро и не обманули
Очень быстро и не обманули. Мама я трейдер)
Prostochel 61
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Are you tired of waiting for the buyer to come along and notice your offer? Or, maybe, you’ve had a couple of nerve-wracking experiences and now have trust issues with skin selling services? Well, you can relax now, because you have found the one (us)! Getting rid of your virtual items has never been so easy.

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And it’s as simple as that! Now you can go and order some tasty pizza or buy the stuff you wanted and thank your H1Z1 skill for that.

Skins are fun! They not only enhance your gaming experience and help to express your personality, but also can be an enjoyable way to earn money. If you like playing H1Z1, you’ll eventually win skins. And when you do so, you can sell them at Skins.Cash for a quick buck.

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Here are a couple more reasons to use Skins.Cash to sell your H1Z1 items:

  • We are trustworthy. That may be sound a little bit bold, but we mean it. You can check all the 5800+ reviews left by customers. The same is true for our social media accounts, including, but not limited to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
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  • We have giveaways! Sometimes you don’t have money to buy the skin you want to even if you sell all of the junk on your account. Understanding the never-ceasing itch for more skins, we hold regular giveaways to give every gamer an opportunity to get more cool items without spending money.

What are you waiting for? Sell your H1Z1 skins fast, but without stress and hustle!

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