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6609 Reviews

20 hours ago
Very Fast and save way to sell skins
Very Fast and save way to sell skins
Paul Meyer
a day ago
Ging super fix ohne probleme :)
Ging super fix ohne probleme :)
2 days ago
Easy and quick
Easy and quick, said I'd have my money in 15 minutes and it happened alost instantly
3 days ago
Thank you
Thank you, everything went very quickly and without deceit, I brought money to an electronic wallet. The site works fine.
Джек Никинс
3 days ago
выплаты приходят быстро,ток вот что…
выплаты приходят быстро,ток вот что обидно урезают стоймость скинов,но а так все четко)#Jack
Volt Haos
6 days ago
Thanks brother!!
Mário Dantas
6 days ago
Great service!!
My inventory was worth €65 and I got €30 directly out of it. The website maybe takes a kind of big fee, but the service was fast. I was stressing on being scammed at first, but after 1 minute I got the money send to my PayPal.

This is a very good website to sell your skins for easy cash. :)
7 days ago
все отлично и быстро #Jack
все отлично и быстро #Jack
Ivan Antosevych
7 days ago
we rely helps mi
we rely helps mi get my money tanks
Paulo Guilherme
7 days ago
Actually, the speed is fast but the staff is too cheap to sell on this web.
7 days ago
Деньги за скины вывел на карту
Деньги за скины вывел на карту, пришло моментально, всё круто)
Александр Пономарев
8 days ago
Not the best price but one of the only…
Not the best price but one of the only sites with consistent reviews. I got $130 for a $300 skin but in essence you could get $160 from other sites "instantly" but their review's were majorly negative. Genuinely think I did ok for an instant sale as I needed the cash. Would trust again thank you.
Richard Garfitt
9 days ago
Отличный сервис
Отличный сервис, всё качественно и быстро, отзывчивые консультанты, всё на высоте, очень доволен. Спасибо #Katy
Fun UA
9 days ago
dont like csgo))) dint like skins)))
dont like csgo))) dont like skins)))
9 days ago
Yep no bullsh*t
Yep no bullsh*t! Deliver you money in few sec.
Saypool Games
10 days ago
Сайт отличный
Сайт отличный. Возникли некоторый проблемы с моей карточкой но человек с именем #Jack помог мне и решил мою проблему благодарю вас
Zhenia Assistance
10 days ago
выплатили просто моментально!!
выплатили просто моментально!!! 6 из 5
10 days ago
Шедевр? Да. Я ручаюсь за этот магазин. Круто. Мне все пришло менее чем за минуту
nolärm (Dayzi)
11 days ago
fast and good
11 days ago
Почему то банк отклонял платёж с…
Почему то банк отклонял платёж с данного сайта. Но затем сотрудник SkinsCash, Vlad naz оперативно отработал помог разобраться. Огромное спасибо, +5 за отзывчивость. #Katy
Arman Kurmanov
12 days ago
Good service more expensive items took…
Good service more expensive items took longer than expected to be paid out but small items were instant. Overall pleasant experience was just panicked for 20 mins. #jack
conor burke
13 days ago
Resolved a transaction issue with…
Resolved a transaction issue with mobile. Will sell my skins here more often
Baked :D
15 days ago
3min and i have my money ❤️
Jakub Barwa
15 days ago
Really fast
Really fast! I Had the money in less than 10 min. on my PayPal.
Rasmus A. Sørensen
16 days ago
16 days ago
Все прекрасно
Все прекрасно, деньги пришли очень быстро.
Сервис качественный, всем советую!
Marko (GameStar)
16 days ago
Сайт работает отлично ,всегда мгновенно…
Сайт работает отлично ,всегда мгновенно приходят деньги .
Но бывают проблемы на сайте ,как и везде ,но вы можете не переживать ,вам всегда объяснят ,что случилось или почему вы не можете вывести деньги ,кидаловом сайт не занимается !!!
Спасибо #Jack тебе за помощь ,очень выручил !)
17 days ago
+rep very cool
If you need fast cash for your steam items: the site is excellent received my money within 1 minute.
iRelevant GamesTM
18 days ago
He was very helpfull and nice
He was very helpfull and nice. I really like him, he responds fast, is very understanding and helped me fix my problem. #Jack
19 days ago
пополнил телефон
пополнил телефон на 2 соточки деньги пришли мримерно в течении двух минут.
Богдан Белов
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Are you tired of waiting for the buyer to come along and notice your offer? Or, maybe, you’ve had a couple of nerve-wracking experiences and now have trust issues with skin selling services? Well, you can relax now, because you have found the one (us)! Getting rid of your virtual items has never been so easy.

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And it’s as simple as that! Now you can go and order some tasty pizza or buy the stuff you wanted and thank your H1Z1 skill for that.

Skins are fun! They not only enhance your gaming experience and help to express your personality, but also can be an enjoyable way to earn money. If you like playing H1Z1, you’ll eventually win skins. And when you do so, you can sell them at Skins.Cash for a quick buck.

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Here are a couple more reasons to use Skins.Cash to sell your H1Z1 items:

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  • We have giveaways! Sometimes you don’t have money to buy the skin you want to even if you sell all of the junk on your account. Understanding the never-ceasing itch for more skins, we hold regular giveaways to give every gamer an opportunity to get more cool items without spending money.

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