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Loyalty bonus

Do you ace in 3 shots? Do you make wisp rampage?

Or maybe you destroy sentries in style? Try winning with us!

Start selling skins and earn bonuses now!

  1. Sentry Guard


  2. Sentry Guard

    Sentry Guard

  3. Jolly Courier

    Jolly Courier

  4. Skins Liquidator

    Skins Liquidator

  5. Merchant of Artifacts

    Merchant of Artifacts

  6. Greedy Alchemist

    Greedy Alchemist

  7. Skins<br> Dealer


  8. Golden<br> Nova


  9. Merchant of death

    Merchant of death

  10. Global<br> Elite


  11. Master of the universe

    Master of the universe

  1. 0 eur

  2. 5 eur

  3. 50 eur

  4. 100 eur

  5. 200 eur

  6. 450 eur

  7. 1,400 eur

  8. 2,800 eur

  9. 5,500 eur

  10. 9,500 eur

  11. 14,000 eur

  1. Warning! By pressing the "Start" button you risk getting a lot of money and bonuses :)

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How it works

Do you want to get the best rates for your Skins? Excellent! We have introduced a cumulative system of bonuses especially for you*. Using our service you get a unique opportunity to become our permanent customer and to receive up to + 10% bonus to the price of skins**

Increase your rank *** and bonus. You just need to play CSGO, Dota2, Team Fortress 2 and sell your skins for real money on Your bonus will be increased automatically according to your rank. Whilst your rank will depend on the total sale of your skins.

All those who made transactions on before the start of the Cumulative bonus program, will receive an appropriate ranking based on the amount of sold skins.

The currency of the Cumulative bonus program is the the EURO. Thus, to rank up on Skins.Cash, all money accumulated from the sales will be converted to the EURO at the exchange rate.

*The individual bonus will not be added to any other bonuses. The most beneficial Bonus to the user will remain active.

**Individual bonus is added to the amount of skins sold and doesn't apply to some skins.

***Your rank is valid only on the account from which you sold your skins.