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Overwatch Mythic Skins

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Overwatch is a popular game that draws hundreds of thousands of users into its world. It attracts attention with its dynamism and unconventionality, as well as the possibility of changing the visual representation of the heroes. For this purpose, the Overwatch 2 Mythic skins are used. They are available for different characters. As a rule, they are provided on the basis of a combat pass only and are characterized by rarity. It is quite difficult to get them, yet possible if you want to. Yes, you may spend a lot of time and effort but in the end, you will show your opponents who is the boss. When your opponents and teammates see your mythical appearance, it will be clear to them that they are dealing with an experienced player. Use the rarest Overwatch 2 skins, and you will be satisfied with the results of battles.

Mythic Skins Overwatch 2: How to Get the Best Items?

Previously, the OW2 Mythic skins offered to gamers were tied to a specific battle pass. To get them, gamers had to be active in battles and reach level 80 in the corresponding season. So far, the Blizzard studio staff has not provided information about whether the return of old items is possible and how their removal from the inventory will be carried out. While waiting for the news, please read all Mythic skins Overwatch:

  1. Cyber Demon Genji
  2. Zeus Junker Queen
  3. Amaterasu Kiriko

What they are and what each item is good for, see in the brief reviews below. You may still have a chance to own one of the skins if you missed the previous seasons.

Cyber Demon Genji

Cyber Demon Genji The possibility to get Genji Mythic skin Overwatch 2 was granted only in the first season of the Battle Pass. Achieving level 80 was the prerequisite for acquiring the item. If a gamer wanted to improve the experience, it was required to complete the proposed tests and win bright victories in the competition mode and in the quick game. This fueled a lot of positive emotions and enticed gamers to succeed.

At the time when the player gained the necessary number of points, an automatic unlocking of the skin together with the user’s badge and the corresponding graffiti was realized. The good thing about the product is that it is customizable. For example, players can choose the tattoos on their arms, as well as the shape of the mask or sword style. Each user creates an iconic character according to their personal preferences to delight their teammates and terrify their opponents. It is currently unclear if access to mythic items will be introduced at the end of the seasons. We recommend keeping an eye on the news if you want to get a unique skin for the demon. Keep in mind that gamers were granted access to eight additional battle pass stages with prestigious rewards immediately after unlocking the image.

Zeus Junker Queen

Zeus Junker Queen Zeus Junker Queen stands out among the presented Overwatch 2 Mythic skins. This is due to the fact that the basis for the creation of the theme was Greek mythology. The result is a chic product that attracts the close attention of others.

It is impossible to purchase this skin. The only way to get it is to have a battle pass and reach level 80. As usual, when you gain the required number of experience points, the item is unlocked, and as an addition you get graffiti and a player badge.

The advantage of the skin is the wide range of customization options. Users could choose the following parameters:

  • armor;
  • weapons;
  • shoulder pads.

Three color blocks were available to express personality. Players could experiment with red, yellow, or blue. The color of the character’s hair and armor changed depending on their preferences.

The skin was only available as part of the second season of the Battle Pass. The available customization options could be viewed before unlocking the item.

Amaterasu Kiriko

Amaterasu Kiriko Besides Mythic Genji skin, the image of Amaterasu Kiriko enjoys popularity. The Mythic Item was available to those who participated in the third season of the Battle Pass. At the end of the event, the developer moved it to the inventory, as well as the rest of the items.

The Japanese Sun Goddess was taken as the basis for the creation of the skin. When she appears on the battlefield, enemies flee without looking back because the flashes of fire blind them and cause panic. Equally important is the exquisite beauty of the item. Your character will stand out among your teammates and opponents. Yellow and gold are used as the main colors in the skin design. Their intertwining is harmonious, it indicates the high status of the hero. Tiara on his head, shining in the sunlight, gives dazzle to the whole appearance.

The plus is that the skin can be customized according to personal preferences. This applies to the color design, as well as the choice of weapons, headgear, and hairstyle. Players could create a gorgeous beauty, merciless to her opponents on the battlefield.

Galactic Emperor Sigma

The skin was released as an incentive for players participating in the fourth season of the Battle Pass. It is only available to users who have reached level 80. Long gameplay, legendary victories, and well-thought-out strategies have become the basis for success with the reward in the form of a mythical item.

All owners of the skin are given the opportunity to customize it. There are some weapon variants to choose from, three color schemes, and the same number of armor/headdresses. The customizations are designed to make the final items as diverse as possible. The biggest differentiation has to do with color. Users are offered:

  • combinations of black and purple;
  • red-brown elements;
  • gray and turquoise design.

Shades have nothing in common, and therefore skins in any design look unparalleled. At the same time, the combination of headgear and armor is selected in such a way that in the end the character fully resembles the leader of the intergalactic troops.


Each mythical character’s skin is good in a unique way. This is due to the fact that the developers invested the utmost effort in their creation, carefully thinking through the design. If there is an opportunity, many players will add unique items to their collection. However, it is necessary to follow the news coming from the representatives of the Blizzard Studio.