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Fortnite Halloween Skins

Fortnite Halloween Skins

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Halloween is not only the eve of All Saints’ Day but also a great opportunity to collect trophies. Fortnite developers offer some changes to the visual design to immerse your opponents in the atmosphere of universal horror. Thanks to this approach, you will defeat the enemy - he will not dare to oppose the monster, zombies, or other characters. For this purpose, use Fortnite Halloween skins and enjoy the effect you have achieved.

October always brings a lot of positive emotions and a great mood. Spend time playing your favorite game, complete exciting tasks, and get the desired rewards. This is how you will become the owner of Rarest Fortnite skins, which all fans of the project dream of. It may be too early to discuss the items that are popular this year. However, we suggest you consider the options that delighted users in the past seasons.

Skins in 2017: from the Origins of Halloween to the Modern Age

The 2017 season was the first time the developer offered Halloween Fortnite skins to players. At that time, only two items were created, yet, unsophisticated users came to love them. We are referring to Skull Trooper and Ghoul Trooper. They differed in design, and therefore each player could choose their favorite.

Skull Trooper became one of the most recognizable skins. It is based on the classic skeleton costume. The developers designed the face so that it fully resembled a skull. In the following years, the item was used as a base for the creation of new products. The difference was only in the color design.

The Ghoul Trooper skin is designed for zombie fans. The Walking Dead in tattered clothes won players’ recognition as well. Like the previous version, it was further used for the development of novelties.

Skins for Halloween 2018: Extraordinary Items for a Colorful Game

Another season was marked by the creation of new skins. Now the developer prepared really well, and instead of a couple of products offered 14 skins for Fortnite Halloween heroes at once. Thanks to the variety of options, every user was satisfied. The collection included both skeletons and zombies, as well as quite funny images. Some of the most popular variations include:

  1. Skull Ranger. It is quite rare equipment that is interesting for players. The skin was presented on October 10, 2018, it is a part of the Skull Squad collection. Once she was a beautiful girl with a great body, now she can cope with any task of exterminating the enemy. This is not surprising because the bullets of opponents easily pass through the skeleton. Skull Ranger
  2. Hollowhead. This is an epic item introduced in the Pumpkin Patch set. It was released on October 14, 2018. The man with the pumpkin head is amazing to look at. He catches the eye with his stylish clothes but is repelled by the neon light from his empty eye sockets. You wouldn’t want to meet such a character on the battlefield. Hollowhead
  3. Plague. This item was included in the Grim Medicine set. It was announced on October 12, 2018. Your character will become a doctor who saved people from the plague back in the old days. Although no, it’s the opposite here. He will become a carrier of deadly infection, dashingly eliminating enemies. Plague
  4. Hay Man. Hay Man will surely impress everyone. The skin is presented on October 7, 2018. He causes panic with a burning look, and the ever-smiling sewn mouth induces uncontrollable horror. The image of a scarecrow from the nearest vegetable garden will never leave enemies again. Hay Man
  5. Scourge. Another plague skin from the Grim Medicine collection. This time the developers have created a light and airy image. The character easily moves from one point to another, spreading deadly germs and bacilli. Scourge

Bunnymoon, Deadfire, Straw Ops, Brainiac, and other hottest Fortnite skins are also offered to users. Their diversity made the game of the season extremely interesting.

Halloween Skins 2019: Unique Offers for Fortnite Fans

Another year was successful again. The developer presented fans with 20 skins, and therefore the choice was impressive. Among all Fortnite Halloween skins the following items stand out:

  1. Hemlock. The item appeared on November 2, 2019. A sexy witch in a short skirt is a treat for the eyes of tired fighters. However, she will instantly outcast your enemies with terrifying spells. An insidious monster hides behind her pretty face. It is thirsty for new blood.
  2. Jawbreaker. The skin was released on October 24, 2019. The athletic beauty from the Final Reckoning collection is your chance for success. She rushes towards adventures with weapons and is not afraid of death. The devil himself is hiding in hell to avoid being seen by her.
  3. Peely Bone. How about a banana for a snack? Although it is unlikely that your opponents will want to taste a half-decomposed fruit with brains and a skeleton visible inside. Maybe your enemies will think they’re going crazy. Yet this is only to your benefit: take advantage of their confusion to eliminate everyone. The skin was introduced on November 1, 2019.
  4. Willow. The item appeared on October 24, 2019. The wandering spirit knows no fatigue. It seeks out new victims to take them to the other world. The pretty girl only seems fragile and safe. In fact, she is doing a great job in the task at hand. The item was introduced on October 29, 2019, and is a part of the Cryptic Curse collection. A mummy that escaped from an Egyptian pyramid will cause bewilderment among enemies. However, it’s too early to relax. Disable them with dead breath because the crypt for the burial of opponents has already been found.
  5. Blacklight. The skin was released on October 24, 2019. A mysterious angel of death with an animal grin will be coming for all your enemies. It will take your opponents to the underworld where they belong. Evil mask, gobbledygook wings, chest bones - everything says that jokes won’t work.

Big Mouth, Catrina, Chaos Agent, Delirium, and other Halloween skins in Fortnite are no less interesting. Each item is perfect and it has been well thought out by the developer

Skins 2020: Halloween Continues

In 2020, the developer released 16 skins. The collection includes gorgeous strangers, half-decomposed mummies, and bloodthirsty zombies. The best Fortnite Horror skins recognized by users are listed below:

  1. Victoria Saint. The skin was released on October 6, 2020, as a part of the Night Hunter set. The charming girl knows well how to follow her prey. She uses her beauty and chiseled body to attract attention, allowing her opponents to get closer. Once the enemies cross the line, she fires bullets at them without a shadow of a doubt.
  2. Punk. This skin was introduced on October 30, 2020. It was a part of the Carving Crew collection. A pumpkin is one of the Halloween symbols. Your character will become a punk with a pumpkin head. Lights glow in the empty eye sockets ready to ignite the war fire. Do not forget about the baton in the character’s hands for more success.
  3. Party Trooper. The item was added to the Skull set on October 21, 2020. Halloween is all about skulls and skeletons, so the developer offered a skeleton with a glowing heart. He needs to nourish his remaining flesh, and opponents will become the best target.
  4. Grimoire. The item was released on October 19, 2020. It became a part of the Forsaken collection. The lady from the Netherworld is beautiful and terrible at the same time, and therefore she is able to entrap any opponent. However, the result will be his instant death. The skin is made in black color hinting at the nightmarish reality.
  5. The Good Doctor. The item appeared on October 29, 2020. It was added to the Duplicity collection. Make your character a good doctor who wants to free the world from evil. Spread deadly infections to leave your opponents no chance.
  6. Baba Yaga. The character from children’s fairy tales appeared in the game on October 26, 2020. It’s a part of the Coven collection. The old woman is able to hypnotize the enemy with her gaze.

Additionally, the developer presents The Mummy, Tricksy, and Arachne Couture items. Each of them is attractive and will be a great alternative to Fortnite Skins Skeleton.

Skins 2021: Spend Halloween Having Fun

There are 22 skins in the 2021 collection. Thus, the game has acquired new features and has become more exciting. The Fortnite Halloween pack includes:

  1. All-Hallow’s Steve. The item was released on October 15, 2021. It’s a part of the Tricks and Treats collection. The funny skin will appeal to everyone, although it has nothing to do with the Halloween nightmare. It can’t scare anyone, so enemies feel relaxed. They don’t expect a trick and eventually face their death on the battlefield.
  2. Frankenstein’s Monster. The world-famous monster was released on October 6, 2022, as part of the Universal Monsters collection. The character will become a killing machine, exterminating opponents.
  3. Graven. The skin inspired by Egyptian mythology was added on October 23, 2021. It’s a part of the Graven’s Curse collection. Your character will bring light to the battlefield. Ancient Egyptian deity Amon Ra became the prototype for the item.
  4. Ione. The skin from the Wolfsbane set was released on October 4, 2021. If you want to replace the old lady Fortnite skin with something fresher and more interesting, then Ione will be a great option. The werewolf girl with blazing yellow eyes and a cute smile will effortlessly kill her surroundings.
  5. Kaws Skeleton. The item from the KAWS set was presented on October 18, 2021. Standard skeletons are no longer impressive, so the developer used an unusual head with protruding bones and cross eyes.
  6. Shadow Midas. It was added to the ShadeChaser collection on October 29, 2021. A fearless guy with many tattoos is a sophisticated killer.

There are also Putrid Polarity, Skeletara, The Batman Who Laughs, etc.

Skins 2022: Halloween to Remember

The reason is unclear but the developer released six skins only in 2022. Yet, they successfully added the charm to battles. The available options include:

  1. Abyss. It was introduced on October 29, 2022. The strange girl from the Fear Response collection can reach the enemy with her long arms and legs. She knows no mercy.
  2. Bonejamin. It was added to The Punk is Dead collection on October 27, 2022. Your hero will become a stylish bone guy with braces.
  3. Ash Williams. It was added to the Knowby Cabin Nightmare set on October 23, 2022. Your character will have a chainsaw arm to crush all enemies in his way.
  4. Jack O’Sassin. The item resembling Jack O’Lantern Fortnite skin was released on October 30, 2022. However, it features both a pumpkin and a skeleton.
  5. Sinister Glare. The original skin from the Hand of Malice set appeared on October 16, 2022. The item features a hand with an all-seeing eye instead of a head. It clearly identifies enemies even when it is hard to do that.
  6. Vivica Saint. The skin was added to the Saint Academy collection on October 25, 2022. A pretty vampire girl is thirsty for blood and gets it on the battlefield.

Enjoy the fun and change the appearance of the characters. This will add variety to the gameplay and enable you to experience colorful battles with monsters, zombies, skeletons, and ghouls.